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Bianca (real name Tatiana Eduardovna Lipnitskaya , September 17 1985 , Minsk ) - She was born September 17 1985 in Minsk . There's also passed his childhood singer. Music attracted her since childhood, so she enrolled to study at music school. At age 10 she began singing in the choir. Then she began to sing in the chorus. In 2001 received the Grand Prix International Competition of Young Performers "Malva" (held in Poland ), then - the Grand Prix of Young Pop Song and Dance Festival "Belaya Rus", and on behalf of the international competition Oginski ranked third on the cello. Bianca then became a soloist with the State Orchestra of Symphonic and Popular Music of the Republic of Belarus is headed by Mikhail Finberg. At this time, she wrote songs and sang. Then, were touring in Germany . In 2005 Bianca received a formal offer to represent Belarus at the international contest " Eurovision " [1] [2] and at the same time, invited her to work in Moscow , Sergei Parkhomenko ( Serge ). She declined in favor of cooperation with Sergey. In the same year Bianca together with Max Lawrence launches the song "Swan", which is becoming popular, and later, the soundtrack to the film " Shadowboxing . " In 2006 came the album " Russian People's R'n'B ". In 2007 published a collection of her songs - "On the summer." In 2008 - the album " 38 locks ", it sounds dynamic, more dance music . Despite this, the album had zero demand, and replaced the hapless singer of the first echelon. As a result, she began conflicts with producer Michael Shiyan, which ultimately led to the cessation of cooperation in 2010. [3] . In 2011 the album " Our Generation ". Bianca calls his style "Russian Folk R'n'B ", which is a key specificity lyricism and use of Russian folk instruments ( balalaika , accordion ). Discography Albums 2006 - Russian Folk R `n` B 2007 - Russian Folk R `n` B (reissue) 2008 - 38 castles 2011 - Our Generation

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