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  • Imusic.am is one of the largest music platforms, where anyone can upload and share music for free. With imusic.am it is very easy to find favorite music on phones, computers, tablets ipads and other devices.

    There are more than million tracks on imusic.am, so you can listen to any type of music; whenever you are working, partying or relaxing, the right music is always supporting you. You can choose what to listen yourself or trust imusic.am. Its "generate" feature will suggest you songs according to your song history, or you can trust our radios. Imusic.am has 4 radios covering all music genres, they are available for 24 hours and the song rhythms are being changed according to daytime.

    With imusic.am you can also create your private and public playlists, share with friends, and list your favorite artists, albums and tracks.

    Imusic.am is always up to date. If you still do not have account spent 5-10 second and register now for free to use all features.

  • In case of any questions visit our F.A.Q, if we have missed any question please contact us.
    We are open to new suggestions, please contact us, if you have any ideas.
    If you are interested in advertise partnership, please visit our advertise page.

  • To join our team, please send your CV to info@imusic.am.

    Available Vacation;

    • * Senior PHP Developer
    • * Junior PHP Developer
    • * Junior Front-end Developer

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