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Потап и Настя

Potap and Nastya Kamenskih are a Ukrainian Pop / r'n'b duo. Most of their music videos involve the whole label's crew of artists and show uncensored and glamourous reality, such as Не пара. Nastya was born on May 4, 1987 in Kiev, Ukraine. Nastya received some education during her five year stay in France and during her seven year stay in Italy. She finished her studies in a school of music at the age of 15 and professional ballet at the age of eight. The singer also graduated from the Ukrainian-American Institute of Law. After the performance at the Black Sea Games festival in 2004, Nastya received an award at London's UBN Awards for the Discovery of the year and immediately began her collaboration with Empire Label from Music Motors. Potap's real name is Alexei Potapenko. The duo's composer and second soloist graduated in two institutions of higher education. On his own, Potap is a big showman but an infamous rapper. For instance, Potap knew how to mix Sofia Rotaru's Хуторянка and Iosif Kobzon's А у нас во дворе. Без любви track got them their first hint of fame. Eventually, people's interests were spakred from the unusual combination of Kamenskih's singing and vocal performance along with Potap's rapping and lyrics. The movie-themed Крепкий Орешек video was once considered as the main soundtrack to Die Hard 4. In this video, the gentleman tells us the plot of the real movie while the young girl falls in love at first sight with the blockbuster's main hero, bald head Bruce Willis. Potap and Nastya Kamenskih pleased the jury of Russian stars in the 5 Stars gala competition. Both of them have confirmed to be working on side projects. However, their possibility to perform at an opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be confirmed only if the duo will survive in the music industry. Their debut album Не пара leaked on March 25, 2008 and featured appropriate cover art. Their official website is http://potapinastya.com

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