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The rapper Серёга (English: Seryoga) comes from Belarus and now lives and works in Ukraine. The artist himself assures that he has no manager and that first of all he owes his sudden sky-high success to the "senior fellows". Today, the personalities of Seryoga's "senior fellows" remain unidentified. The only thing definitely known is that Seryoga was the first artist signed by "KingRing" label, with creative outfit aiming at advancement of hip-hop and R&B in Russian Federation. It often says, that Seryoga is the sole author of music and lyrics to all of his songs, but finally there were at least 2 or 3 records, which has been completely produced and composed by the so called "music wizard"Gilmano establishing the artist Seryoga worldwide. The team-up with music producer, artist, and prodigy Gilmano, who has already pushed carreers of other artists in the US, UK, Canada and Germany and has furthermore advising attended the rise of Seryoga, can be called the key landmark for Seryoga's international accomplishment and success. Seryoga left to enter the world and came back with a better sound: Gilmano's sound. In Germany many people say that there has been a tremendous quality boost from the point where Gilmano took the project over, back in these days (2005/2006). And finally also other producers like "Shuko", "Beethovenz" and "Boogati" did remixes or additional tracks for the german release of the record "Russia's No.1", also mainly produced and advised by Gilmano, what was the start of Seryoga's international stride.

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