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There are several different bands know as Pizza: 1. Pizza!, with an exclamation mark, is a 5-piece pop group from Los Angeles, formerly known as the New Motherfuckers. They have released music on Manimal Vinyl Records and Kill/Hurt Tapes. Visit http://last.fm/music/pizza! 2. Pizza is a 6-member skacore band from Varna, Bulgaria. They combine punk, rock, ska, reggae and hip hop. 3. Pizza is a three-piece alternative rock band from Sterling, VA consisting of members from the bands Tideland and Pygmy Lush. 4. Pizza is an electro-noise-pop collective from the New York area, began at Hamilton College. The line-up includes three members of NYC band Ball of Flame Shoot Fire. They released their debut EP, "Can't Fuck to That" in May 2010. 5. Pizza is the production duo behind many releases on the Harth Records label

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