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There are more than one artist with this name: (1) Francisco José Arcángel Ramos, flamenco singer. (2) Arcangel is also a hard rock/industrial metal band from 70's. More in depth: (1) Francisco José Arcángel Ramos (Huelva, 1977) is a Spanish Flamenco singer formerly known as Arcangel. He began in 1987, but he is not well known until 1998 with his participation in X Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. From this moment, Arcangel sing for dance to famous dancers like Javier Barón, Eva Yerbabuena or Israel Galván and he also work with Vicente Amigo, actually one of the best guitar players. His first solo album was entitled Arcangel (2001). With this album, Arcangel won several regional and national prizes, like Premio Andalucía Joven 2002, Premio Nacional Flamenco Activo de Úbeda or Premio Giraldillo. The two last albums has been La calle Perdía (2004) and Ropavieja (2006).

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