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De La Ghetto

Rafael Castillo was born September 17 in New York. After residing in Seattle and Europe, his family decides to move to La Perla, Viejo San Juan, when he was a teenager. Son of a Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father, who was killed when he was 6 months old, this young artist has gained the love of many fans due to the collaboration of many artists. De La Ghetto gained his popularity when he first released his theme “Pégate” along with his former partner Arcangel in the album "Sangre Nueva" opening his doors to participate in other productions such as: “Sangre Nueva Special Edition”, Zion & Lennox “Motivando a la Yal: Special Edition”, “Las Gárgolas 5: The Next Generation”, “Los Rompediscotecas”, Luny Tunes “Los Benjamis”, DJ Nelson “Flow La Discoteka 2”, Zion “The Perfect Melody”, DJ Rafy Mercenario “The King of Remix”, Jowell & Randy “Casa de Leones”, Yaga & Mackie “La Reunión”, “Los Capo”, and “Los Sicarios”. Fans enjoyed more of De La Ghetto's talent after he recorded the video of the song “Sensación del Bloque” along with Randy and other videos such as; “Aparentemente”, “Siente El Boom” (a song with Tito "El Bambino" and Randy) and with promotional cuts such as "Se" and "Your Body ft Zion", and the remix of “5 Letras” with Alexis & Fido and his solo single “Pa’ Tras”. He also made "Te Quiero", a song for his baby girl, Angi. We can clearly see an evolution of such artist that can sing R&B and Hip-Hop in both languages. His future collaborational plans include featurings with artists like the likes of Timbaland, Beenie Man, Lil Wayne, Akon, Aventura, Toby Love and Robi "Draco" Rosa. At the moment, he's working on a tour that consists the following places: Panama, Europe, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic and all over the United States. Currently he's working on his new album “Masacre Musical” (Musical Massacre) which he promises is a very varied album, bilingual and very “ghetto”. He also is working on his new movie “Ghettologia”, in whch would be recorded in La Perla and some other barrios of Puerto Rico.

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