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Git Fresh

Git Fresh (formerly known as Deep Side) is an American R&B and hip hop group based in Miami, Florida. They are currently signed to Island Def Jam. The group was initially composed of Rude Boi, Pretti $ly, Penny, & Mike Ezay. History edit: Early years: Deepside edit: The group started out and formed when all the band members were in their teenage years, singing at talent shows and parties around the city. With the exception of Pretti Sly, who went to school in Miami, they all went to Dillard Performing Arts School. Rude Boi met Sly at a local talent show in Miami and introduced him to Mike and Penny. There was an immediate chemistry between the guys and they officially formed the group, Deep Side. Formerly signed to Jive Records, the group known as Deep Side changed their name after splitting from the label, and all old ties. Git Fresh edit: The group changed their name from Deep Side to Git Fresh. They also have changed record labels from Jive Records to Def Jam. Unfortunately,the singers, Brent "Penny" Pendergast & Mike "Ezay" Espinosa, has reportedly left the group. As of 2012, It is uncertain if the 2 remaining members will continue as a group. Group members Karlen "pretti sly" Moodliyar Rudy "rude boi" Huggins , Former Members Mike "EZay" Espinosa Brent "Penny" Pendergast

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