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Basta was born in 1980 in Rostov, in a military family. In addition to secondary school, he studied in the musical. In 15 years, first tried to write rap, gathered his group. Admitted to the College of conducting department. But, after finishing the first course, left as it became clear that the scope of his interests lay far from the instituted programs. The most vital and attractive for the strikers has become hip-hop. Then it was Wu-tanc clan, Ol'dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes and hip-hop star at the time. In 16-17 years Basta listened to a lot of different music, he tried to read in 17 years, recorded his first track - "City". From that moment began a movement in music. Here is what he Basta about their music preferences: "I like the music straight, honest character. Many new listen, friends and colleagues podkidyvayut. Here Mitya, he has such a collection of rap, such knowledge of the material and approach to the selection of quality music - I adore. In 18 years Basta wrote the song "My Game", it has become so popular that she listened to his full height and the whole south of Russia. Until now, the Internet charts, it takes place in the top ten, people remember it and listen. Since then Basta began working as a musician, performed in Rostov and around the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar region, the cities of the North Caucasus. The program makes two of us with a close friend, now deceased - Igor lronburg, and everyone else was singing solo. The speakers on small sites to large, were collected in 6-7 thousand people, given the usual urban concerts. Then Basta disappeared from large areas for several years. There was no interest in the concerts, there were doubts that his music - it is a normal music, and it's interesting to people, though, do something other than music, the desire was not there. In 2002, Yuri Volos, one of his friends, offering striking to the studio and writing music at home. It was a watershed year, when everything started over again from scratch. Jura put a computer at home, sound equipment, and that's to restore the old songs, wrote new texts, new melodies. But when the tracks were written, it appears that is not so easy to find them to use - no one doubted the talent of Basti, but few of the producers believed in it, even though the concert was resumed work - people have not forgotten about him. At this point, it became obvious that we need a new revolution. Basta together with Yuri Volos arrived in Moscow, wandered unsuccessfully sought to break through to any record label. Later Basta write a song about this time - "funky labels, lack of chances." However, efforts are not wasted - one of the demo disk into the hands of Bogdan Titomir, which resulted in Bastia and his comrades in the creative association "Gazgolder, where they were able to do what he likes. Basta colleagues in this project: Rasta - backing vocals, DJ, Beck - DJ and Yuri Volos - producer.

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