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Полина Гагарина

Official website: http://gagarina.com Polina Gagarina is a Russian pop singer. She was born on March 27, 1987. She spent her early childhood in Greece, until her family moved to Russia.Polina took part in the TV talent show “Фабрика Звёзд” (“Star Factory”) in 2003 and won.She released her first single “Колыбельная” in the summer of 2005, which appeared along with other hits such as "Я твоя", "Я тебя не прощу никогда" and "Morning" on her debut album "Попроси у облаков", released in July 2007. Polina's second album "О себе" ("About Myself") was released in March 2010, and included the hits "Любовь под солнцем", "Где-то живет любовь" and an award-winning duet with Ирина Дубцова "Кому? Зачем?". Explaining the album's title, Polina said that if people wanted to know her better, they should listen to her songs rather than reading the lies in the press. In July 2010, Polina graduated from art school. Following her hit song "Я обещаю", in spring 2011 she took part in the Ukrainian t.v. talent show «Народна зірка» ("People's Star") as the professional artist teamed with newcomer Mikhail Dimov. The pair achieved second place. Polina continues to work on her third album.

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