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Bekuh BOOM

Bekuh BOOM was born June 21, 1994 in Orange County, California. Since the age of two she has loved to sing and dance. She had always said one day she would grow up to be a singer/performer. Born with the name Rebecca Rose her family always said she would grow up to become famous. Her first desire to sing and perform was at her elementary school talent show. At that time her mother says her vocals skills had not yet developed. Bekuh says, “ I came to my mom and asked to be in the talent show and her reply was, “"you have to have some kind of talent to be in a talent show.” " she says, " I knew Bekuh didn't play an instrument and at the time she really could not sing so I asked her what she would do in a talent show lol." Looking back Bekuh now admits she couldn’t sing at that age. However she held on to her dream of becoming a singer, not knowing her life was about to take a drastic turn. At age 10, her family unit shattered when her parents divorced with little warning. She lost all contact with her father and she and her mother Debbie tried to pick up the pieces of their life. It was a very dark and painful time for them both. She and her mother relocated to Temecula, California where she now resides. She began going to karaoke bars with family friends as a way to escape all that was going on in her life. She sang and sang and after each song she began getting better and better. Pretty soon she found that she was singing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” standing on table tops surrounded by customers clapping and cheering her on. By this time her mother realized something very special was happening to Bekuh’s voice. It was when Bekuh was 11 years old she wrote her first song. Taking the pain of the divorce and how it impacted her life, she began writing lyrics and putting a melody to it. Her mother Debbie says, “ she walked in and asked if she could sing me a song. I had no idea where she got the song from, but loved it. I asked her what song is that? She replied, “it’s mine. I wrote it.” Stunned I asked her a second time thinking she was teasing and had found the song somewhere. She again replied she wrote the song and came up with the melody. I sat there with my mouth dropped open and tears running down my cheeks. It was at that moment it seemed God touched her throat and this beautiful voice was born.” Bekuh began using her gift as an outlet and escape and a place to feel safe from all the chaos taking place in her life. She was now stepping into her destiny having no idea how exciting the journey was going to become. She met a music producer who was curious to hear one of her songs when she was just 11. The producer advised her mother to copyright the song and told her, “your daughter is not talented, she is gifted.” Bekuh’s songwriting took birth from that moment on. She began writing song after song and shocking many of those who listened. Her first big break came when she was singing karaoke and a man by the name of Victor Delgado owner of the Music Lab in Yorba Linda, CA, happened to be eating his dinner there. After hearing Bekuh he approached her mother and said, “ your daughter has a career in singing.” Six months later he called Bekuh and asked her to sing the National Anthem at the 8th Annual Blues Festival in Irvine, California. He was so excited about her he contacted Disney Records and told them about her. They reviewed one of her videos and asked to meet with her right away. She went on to audition for America’s Got Talent and a talent search with the Oprah Winfrey show. While she didn’t get chosen for those auditions it did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. By Junior High school she was stealing all the talent shows and was known as the girl who can sing. By high school she began dancing with Resurrect Dance Crew in Temecula, CA. She got off to a rough start she says, but picked up the moves quickly and became an intricate part of the team. She became so skilled at dancing she soon became a choreographer and substitute dance instructor. Bekuh’s talent didn’t stop there. She had a passion for cosmetology and began doing her own make-up and hair. She got so much attention for the way she did her make-up soon others where asking her to do theirs as well. She’s known for the girl who can do it all! You can find requests from her fans asking her for a make-up tutorial online. By high school her vocals had now become show stoppers for all who would listen. She was over heard by a fellow student “Kendre Berry” who was also an up and coming artist. He had a home studio and encouraged Bekuh to come to his home and record a song. Once she began recording a new turning point occurred. She knew she had been given a gift and her passion only grew further. Soon he and his family became like a second family to Bekuh. In Bekuh’s sophomore year she blew everyone away by adding RAP to her accomplishments. She created Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts which propelled her into a fan base of faithful followers. A friend had told her that her voice was like a weapon of mass destruction. BOOM! And the name “Bekuh BOOM” was born. After promoting herself on social networking sites for nearly a year, a close friend, “Big Tim” sent her a link to American Idol online Myspace auditions. She asked her followers on FB and Twitter if she should do it and over 100 people replied yes so she decided she would give it a try. To her amazement a month later American Idol contacted her and set up an L.A. audition. With all the years behind her, at age 16 Bekuh BOOM has made it to American Idol Season 10! Please watch American Idol to follow Bekuh BOOM! Bekuh says her fans are affectionately known as the Boomers and Boomettes and they call themselves the Bombsquad! Keep your eye on the fastest up and coming young artist. BEKUH BOOM

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