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Born and raised in New York, Wolftyla is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter that pivoted into music early 2015. Her debut single “Feels” in 2015 accumulated over 10 millions streams across digitals platforms, jumpstarting her career in music. Following up with singles ranging in genre including “Crash”, “More Love”, “Goin’ Diddy” and “Impressed” on Soundcloud. Her signature sound relays in “All Tinted” and “Butterflies”, an upbeat “funk-pop” tune. Wolftyla’s music is described as radiant as it channels “feel-good” melodies and relatable lyricism. As an upcoming artist, the 23 year old remains unique by innovating a flavor of Neo-soul and pop into her releases. Her harmonies paired with playful tones craft arrangement for the listener to “hear in color” in her music. Wolftyla’s earlier collaboration include London on Da Track while her most recent collaborations include co-producing alongside Timbaland on “Candy”. Wolftyla plans to independently release her debut EP using therapeutic chords and radiant sounds.

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