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Most of remixed songs are tagged as remix, but Remix are also a rock band from Latvia. Founded in 1985 as a band of Latvian Radio with the line-up: Rodrigo Fomins (a.k.a. Igo) - lead vocalist Aivars Hermanis - guitars Jevgenijs Scapovs - bass guitar (until '88) Uldis Marhilēvičs - keyboards/vocals Vilnis Krieviņš - percussion Harijs Bass - keyboards (until '86) Eduards Glotovs - bass guitar (since '88) They all were high-skilled musicians and that was the key of their achievements and popularity in Latvia, whole USSR and even Eastren and part of Western Europe. In the beginning Remix were ment to be a studio-type band, though later destiny turned in a different way and Remix became one of the best touring rock bands in USSR. During their existence, Remix recorded five studio albums: Vestule (A Letter) - 1987 Naktsmajas (Night’s Shelter) - 1987 (instrumental album) Remix - 1988 (in Russian) Uz veselibu! (Cheers!) - 1989 (instrumental album) ...pie laika (By the Time) - 1990 All their albums perfectly showed the mastery of Remix - skills of the band members, the quality of recordings and sound engineering. The work of Remix sound engineer Andris Grinbergs was highly valuated in whole USSR. In 1992 Remix turned into a band titled Riga which didn't last for long and splitted up after spending one year of rehearsing and concerting in USA. In 1995 Remix rejoined for one 10-years anniversary song Release Me Now and even made a video for it. In 2003 the Remix DVD was released - it contains all videos of their songs and also some concert-recordings and interviews of members. In summer 2006 Remix celebrated their coming of age (21st anniversary) with a concert in Jurmala, concert-hall Dzintari.

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