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There are multiple artists using this name: 1) Instrumental/Hip-Hop production duo from Cologne. www.soundcloud.com/yaya 2) Somali American emcee/producer YaYa just dropped his new concept album, Yahzilla... The Movie. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pete Rock approved artist, check out this joint he dropped over the summer. The 11 track album is hosted by DJ Caesar, and as you probably can tell, it's inspired by those classic Godzilla flicks. The whole album was produced by YaYa and has cuts by Violator Allstar DJ Supa. Give the album a listen, and let us know if Yahzilla is a movie you're tryna see a sequel of: http://www.mediafire.com/?w7j9qzn42w4eu5g http://www.facebook.com/yayasince1986 http://www.myspace.com/yayagreatmusic 3) Guy/girl duet produced by Lena Kiper of Nichya. Has Nichya-type sound. http://yayamusic.ru/

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