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Linda is a russian singer performing trip-hop with ethnic influences. She was born on April 29, 1975 in Kentau, Kazakhstan. Her real name is Svetlana Geyman. Linda's family has later moved to Togliatti, then to Moscow, Russia. 1993: Linda releases her breakthrough debut album "Песни Тибетских Лам" ("Pesni Tibetskih Lam" - "Songs of Tibetan Lamas"), followed by a remix album "Dances of Tibetan Lamas". She surpasses her debut with her next album (her biggest selling to date) - "Ворона" ("Vorona" - "Crow"). The album achieves unprecedented popularity in Russia and every single from "Vorona" reaches number 1 in Russian charts. During the "Vorona" era, Linda maintains a mysterious and exotic public image . She tells the media about her mystic experiences, music and her attitude to food ("if I could, I wouldn't eat at all"). Linda achieves commercial success with her producer Maxim Fadeev, who will later record his own album, resembling his work with Linda. 1999: Linda's third album, "Плацента" ("Placenta"), is released. The album is darker and more personal, as Linda describes in an interview. However, she is subsequently dropped by her record label and producer due to financial issues. 2001: Linda signs to a new label, BMG and releases her fourth album "Зрение" ("Zreniye" - "Vision" or "Sight"). The overall sound becomes more electronic, guitar-driven and with nonsense lyrics. Due to low sales, Linda gets dropped by her label again. 2003: Linda signs a record deal with Universal. The promo single "Цепи и Кольца" ("Chains and Rings") is subsequently released, along with an English version. The single achieves moderate success, but does not match "Vorona"'s sales. October, 2004: her fifth album "АтакА" ("AtakA" - "Attack") is released. The album is recorded with the some of the best producers and showcases another change in Linda's sound. "AtakA" goes on to sell 100,000 copies in the first 2 weeks in Moscow alone. Fall of 2005: Linda promots "AtakA" in London. There are rumors about Linda's plans to collaborate with Moby and Björk, but they are never confirmed. December 2005: Linda starts working with a new producer from Greece, who is offered to pick one artist from Universal to work with. After listening to all artists' demos he chooses Linda. 2 tracks are thus recorded for the new album. March 2006: Linda's new single "Я Украду" ("Ya Ukradu" - "I Will Steal") becomes her biggest airplay hit since "Беги" ("Begi") from "AtakA" in 2004. October 2006: Linda's sixth album "АлеАда" ("AleAda") is released. Linda later parted with her old style and collaborated with Stefanos Korkolis. She can be found on the web using the name Linda Geyman. Their band is called Bloody Faeries.

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