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Spliff Star

Real name: William Lewis Birth: East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 19th April 1975. Label: Paperrock Ent. & Flipmode Ent. His first $1000 came from the streets. He was dedicated to any hustle that he had. And, most of his friends were doing the same thing that he was doing, except for Busta. They’ve been friends since 9 years old. Busta always loved music and Spliff had the passion for street life. So naturally, he started going to studios with Busta when he was with L.O.N.S. And, he would, of course, stay in the sessions when it was over. Spliff loved the way it felt, and he loved to see the creativity and hard work that was put into making music that he loved. So, one day Spliff took Busta to his lawyer to pick up a check. That check was for $34,000. Spliff was like, "Oh, shit, what’s that for?" And, Bus said that him and (Charlie) Brown wrote some shit for Bell Biv Devoe, and that was his slice. That’s when he knew that he was in the wrong game. Spliff already had love for the music and was going to studios all the time, learning the craft. Busta and Spliff inducted everybody in Flipmode, and made it to what you know as Flipmode Squad. You gotta understand that they created this monster, and it ain’t going away! Basically, Spliff was hustling in the streets, deep in game, and some unfortunate events took place. He don’t really speak about it in raps or in conversation. But, after that Bus took him to Cali with him to film (John Singleton’s) Higher Learning. He was around Larry Fishburne, Tyra Banks, Omar Epps. It was all cool till he met Ice Cube - That was the shit! Then he met Pac later on that trip to L.A.. Once Busta told him he was going solo and wanted to start Flipmode, he has been with him ever since and never went back to the street hustle - Spliff Star was born! He released "The Imperial" in 1998 with the rest of squad, and has appeared on many solo projects by Flipmode. He is now a CEO for his own label (which is overseen by Busta Rhymes), Paperrock Records (with Bigbucks, The Lab Ratz, Trackdilla, Classic, Dem Jointz, Amara, DNS Music & The Paper Rock Street Team). He released his first street album on Itunes called "Contraband" in January 2008. Spliff says "Paperrock Records is a huge highlight in his career and life, and that you gotta understand that it is an incredible thing to be able to run your own company, and be able to have the flexibility that I have to build and nurture artists and producers, as well as myself. I must say that I have learned a lot about this game, and myself, from this venture". In January 2008 he released his first street album (on Itunes), called "Contraband". His second street album was released August 2009, called "One Shot Willy". Spliff has given fans just a small glimpse of his musical artistry, and he plans to release his debut album appropriately entitled “About Time” in 2009. Spliff explains it best himself: "It’s about time that the world gets to see a little bit more about your man Spliff Star. It’s about time that you get to hear my story. It’s about time for me to get my shine on. You know my album About Time is a biography and a map of the Fat Man Son’s life. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about me. And, when they hear and see what’s in store, they gonna say "It’s About Time!"

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