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Speech Defect

Speech Defect is a Swedish Hip Hop group with members from both Halmstad and Stockholm. The members are Mr. Linus (production/rap), Thage (rap), Boogie B (rap) and Prao-D (production/DJ). Their music style is influenced by funk, soul and hip hop. They have produced several vinyl singles and two full albums. They have sold alot of albums in countries such as Japan, Australia and New Zeeland. They have toured in Europe with artists such as Ugly Duckling (USA), Pidgeon John (USA) and Breakestra (USA). They also had a small tour of their own in Japan and America in the spring of 2007. One of the members, DJ Prao-D took 2nd place at the Swedish DJ Championship in 2005, which also brought him to the world championship in London the same year. (Translated from the swedish wikipedia page http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_defect)

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