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Jelly Roll

There are three artists with the name 'Jelly Roll' Jelly Roll (Artist) Hailing straight out of Cashville (Nashville, TN), Jelly Roll has been taking the underground rap scene by storm as of late. Although not new to the game, ever since joining up with Lil Wyte’s label Wyte Music, Jelly Roll’s presence on the internet has been noticed rapidly. A veteran of the Nashville rap scene, and known for his Free-Style Champion type skills, Jelly Roll was recently quoted saying “Thanks to Lil Wyte for showing me a whole new life.” followed by “Cashville, if this works out like its suppose to, I got y'all, I mean that. I love my city.” Jelly Roll’s first album under the Wyte Music label is slated to release in late summer/fall of 2010. Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll’s upcoming mixtape will be available in the summer of 2010. Since signing with Wyte Music, he has done shows across the country with Three 6 Mafia, Lil Wyte, Taco & Da Mofos and more.Jelly Roll has released numerous mixtapes over the years, and his latest “Deal or No Deal” has got thousands of downloads since its release in early 2010. Jelly Roll (Producer) One of America's most promising producers of the millenium, Jelly Roll's beats emphasize a sense of funk by focusing on chunky bass lines and plenty of synth. He was first established by Snoop Dogg and his affiliates (Tha Eastsidaz, Doggy's Angels, Xzibit), along with a number of other artists from East to West including Method Man, Redman, Busta Rhymes, Pharoah Monch, Jadakiss, Olivia and Foxy Brown. Jelly Roll's diverse musical style includes an infusion of ghetto gospel, strings, winds, funky guitar riffs and off-the-hook percussion. His aesthetic is a progression from the early-'90s G-funk sound pioneered by Dr. Dre, characterized by fat synth bass lines and soulful keys. Furthermore, his productions also tend to make an excellent use of crooning Gs on the choruses to accentuate the soul element. In some of his recent productions, like Xzibit's "Saturday Night Live", and Jadakiss' "Shine" featuring DJ Quik, Jelly brings a sense of laid-back funky soul to the respective artist's traditionally gangsta rap sound, making instant hits. Jelly Roll was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he and his 4 brothers sang as the Drew Brothers at church. It was only a matter of time before the music started flowing through his veins, being that he came from a line of legendary musicians, including the one and only Gap Band. Jelly and his brothers were left with a close family friend while life on the road claimed his mothers attention. It instilled a sense of independence in him, and taught him how to be a man at an early age. It also shaped what today is a very close family of brothers who all work together to achieve one common goal: Success. With his brothers Black Thoven and Jovy Lynn, Jelly Roll is one of the main figures in Heatchamberz Productions, a production house based out of L.A. that keeps the beats fresh and the records hot. Jelly just concluded the Hip Hop Superstar Tour with Xzibit and the Strong Arm Steady Crew, the first single "Twist It" off the G-Unit's First Lady Olivia's Album, featuring Lloyd Banks produced by Jelly Roll, Busta Rhymes' new album has a Jelly Roll BANGER on it, and Sam Scarfo is rollin with 2 singles from Mista Roll. He is undoubtedly about to blow the roof off this production game in a major way. Do you remember what happened when we all discovered Timbaland's beats? Multiply that by infinity and imagine the phenomenon. Jelly Roll (Band) Jelly Roll formed in early 2008 in Cavan, Ireland. They have played a few gigs at the Origins showcase in Cavan town.They recently recorded a four - track demo with the legendary Brian Gardiner in DBfS Audio studio. More info here: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=7436661077

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