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1) Japanese VOICE formed in January 2011. The members are: Vocals: 未来 (Mirai) Guitar: 8 (Eito) – ex.The Darling Guitar: 翔 (Shou) – ex.Taihai no Sora Bass: リク (Riku) – ex.$ウォンテッド$(Wanted) Drums: Kazumi – ex.REPLICA The band will be releasing 2 new singles. Their 1st single「WAKE UP」will be released on Sep 28th & their 2nd single「PROMISE」on Oct 10th. Both singles will cost 1050 yen. OHP: http://voice-official.com/pc/index.html 2) The German one plays melodic power metal. So far they have released four albums: Prediction (1996), Trapped in Anguish (1999), Golden Signs (2001) and Soulhunter (2003). 3) Voice is a female hip-hop artist from New Orleans. Her debut album, "Gumbo" was met with great critical success. 4) Voice were a short-lived Canadian synthpop act during the early to mid 80's. There's little information to be found about the band (as it tends to be in matters like this), but otherwise, Voice featured contributions from Dwayne Goettel, who would join Skinny Puppy soon after their demise in 1986. Goettel also played keyboards in likeminded act Psyche, who would open for Skinny Puppy's earlier incarnation. 5) The Creative Zen saves microphone recordings as "Voice". 6) Voice is an Italian electronic duo, Gianluca Paci and Teresa Venezia. Voice wants to explore various musical styles in order to create eclectic, original and personal atmospheres. All the songs want to remind soundtracks of nevermade movies and are inspired by unknown characters. 7) 'Voice' Is the stage name of Hip-Hop/East Coast Rap/Christian Rapper Curtis Allen. 8) Voice was an underground Japanese new-wave group who released one 10" EP on the Kitchen Records label.

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