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Swing Republic

Electro swing projekt with old jazz and a positive vibe. Fito Bolai is the president of Swing Republic. His music is inspired by various cultures. Fito combines the spirituality and emotional expressions from the past with the electronic technology of the future. His music reflects the open-mindedness of hippie culture and hypnotic rhythms of industry. Fito Bolai has a globalized and worldly mindset. "Emotional Technology" is one of the leading principles in Fito ́s approach to the musical landscapes and cities of Swing Republic. In the city Techville the machines live with beautiful manipulation and physical rhythm. In Emotia the sound and shades from the past live in the shape of legendary jazz artists, old movies and with complexity in emotional communication. Ethnico City is home of percussion and many other instruments. They live in beautiful disharmony and mutual inspiration. Fito throw giant parties where inhabitants from the cities get together and mix with each other in a relaxed - yet intense atmosphere. Fito is the collector of new styles and fusions; like a gardener in a fascinating oasis of music and visuals.

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