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Troy Ave

As the stream of gangster rappers crossover from the 90s into the new century, many are left to ponder, when are we going to be blessed with something new? The new day is dawning and just over the horizon a new force is begining to shine. Underground Hip Hop sensation Troy Ave born in Brownsville Brooklyn and raised in Crown heights during the Crown Heights riots, Realized at a young age the turmoil of a broken environment. Adopting the name of his neighborhood block, Troy Ave devised a plan, which would take him to the top. Never a troublemaker, a near fatal shooting incident reminded Troy Ave that he was put on this earth for a purpose. Living by the phrase Gods Plan My Will he spends everyday striving to better himself and those around him. Blessed with a lyrical ability to express his personal experiences like motion pictures, Troy Ave’s relentless delivery complemented by his distinguishing voice *has gotten him mentioned in comparison with some of hip hops past and present elite.*His song writting ability wich often includes, catchy topic driven choruses accompanied by smooth versatile flows showcases his talent. Making him perceived by many to be the re-birth of East Coast HipHop. “I may have to past him the torch” stated Jay-Z President of Def Jam Records. ” That Boy is Throwed, I mean He spit it so real” stated DJ OG Ron C. One of the founding fathers of Swisha House. “He is better than most of the past unsigned hypes that we featured says Gotti formely of The Source Magazine. The emergence of the Mix-Tape industry has played a major part in Troy Ave’s blossoming succes. Using key parts of the blueprint laid down by Once Indepent artist like 50cent, Little Flip and Master P along with his own innovative ideas Troy Ave has sold over 50,000 records and counting out the back of his trunk and also set precedent by becoming the first non previous signed artist to be bootlegged out of New York City. When asked if he feels that the bootlegging of his music affected sales he replied ” To some degree, but it helped me way more than it hurt me, The way I see it that was like free distribution and promotion. I had people from about 20 diffrent states calling my phone, and reciting their favorite songs*” Using the earnings from the tapes, Troy Ave continued to re-invent himself by releasing mixtape after mixtape, each one increasing in sales. This heavy street buzz drew the attention of numerous record execs. Many meetings and 6 mixtapes later. Troy Ave decided that he would stay independent until he found the best situation.While scheduling his first official album release Titled “Major Without A Deal” That best situation found him.” I was selling the album in the street just to warm the people up until I decided wich distributor I was gonna go wit. Then about a 2 weeks later I got a call from some people saying they represent a guy that I never heard of” That guy was hall of fame boxing promoter Butch Lewis. In Feb.2005 Butch Lewis extended his entertainment arm into the music business. In an unprecedented joint venture with the Def Jam Music Group, Lewis signed with Antonio LA Reid, and Shawn Carter/Jay-Z, two of the industrys most successful hitmakers, for his own independent record label Voicez Music Group” Born, raised and currently residing in Brooklyn. Troy Ave continues to amaze with eloquent lyrics and a sincere dedication to establish himself as a major artist in the industry. Only time will tell how high he will climb or how many platinum, possibly diamond plaques he will achieve, But if his past and recent successes are any indication of his future. Then Troy Avenues future is extremely bright and stardom is inevitable.

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