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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Hardrock band from sweden, popular in the late 80s and early 90s. 2) Reggaeton artist from Puerto Rico. Glory has one of reggaeton's most recognized female voices. She has popularized some phrases like "Suelta Como Gabete" and "Dame Más Gasolina" (roughly translated as give me more gasoline, but referring to the fact that the other person should give him/her more). During her career's 12 years she has collaborated in the productions of interpreters such as Daddy Yankee (Gasolina), Luny Tunes y Noriega (La Gata Suelta), Don Omar (Dale Don Dale, La Traicionera, Suelta Como Gabete, La Loba), Hector & Tito (Baila morena), Eddie Dee (Donde Hubo Fuego) and others. The not-so-average reggaeton listener might be able to recognize Glory by her distinct moaning sounds in many reggaeton songs. She formed part of the famed "La Industria" or DJ Eric Industry. Having collaborated on some of the early underground cassettes distributed among the Puerto Rican population, which include: Street Style 1, Street Style 2, DJ Eric Industry Volumes 1-5. Glory has been heard in audiences from Central and South America, Spain and from the U.S.. One of her most recent hits was "La Popola", which was even banned from some countries for its content. In 2005, Glory released her debut CD Glou, which, according to the official website, sold over 100,000 copies across Latin America and South America.[1] The singles "Perreo 101" and "La Tracionera" with Don Omar are some of her most known hits. A new version of "La Popola" together with fellow-rapper Valentino (of the duo Magnate y Valentino) was also released, entitles "A Popolear". 3) Small american rock band from around 1970 that recorded some demos and radio slots which are now highly regarded by collectors, more info: http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/glory_f3

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