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Доминик Джокер

Alexander - Dominic Alexandrovich Breslavskiy (Apelsin (Апельсин), Dominic Dzhoker (Доминик Джокер), r. on July 19, 1980[1] in Odessa) - Russian singer, poet, composer, the executor of rap and R' n' B. Alexander Breslavskiy - former soloist and the composer of popular in 90s of the group “2x2”, which was the soloist of group “Banda (Банда)”, a participant in the tele-project “Factory of Stars (Фабрика звёзд)”, soloist and the author of the songs of the created on the tele-project group band. He also writes songs for other representatives of Russian stage, among them “Inveterate Swindlers (Отпетые мошенники)”, VIA Slivki (ВИА Сливки), Sasha, Nikita Malinin, Vlad Topalov and others. In this case Dominic Dzhoker frequently appears as one of the soloists during the record and the subsequent performance in these songs. After the disintegration of group “Banda” Dominic, for a while, worked as a producer in other musical projects, was the sound-producer of television show “You - Super-Star” on the channel of NTV. At the beginning of 2008, Dominic Dzhoker returns as solo executor, into 2009 leaving the album of "Real People (Реальные Люди)".

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