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Sleepy Wonder

Major Sound Systems of Jamaica & New York City confirmed Sleepy Wonder as one of the fastest rapid-fire Reggae deejay/MC's on the third rock from the sun. In the early 80's Sleepy Wonder litterally ripped the stages and mics of Sugar Minott's Youthman Promotions/Third World Int./Mini Mart High Power/Down Beat/Papa Moke. The Artist began his professional recording career in 1988 when recorded the number one single (88 Champion) for Delroy Fransis Park Heights Records in New York. Sleepy quickly recorded the follow up International single (Fade Away) a rendition of Junior Byles which established Sleepy Wonder as international artist on the world stage. Sleepy has toured Jamaica, Bermuda, England, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia, France, US, British & French Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Guyana, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, and United States. In the competitive dancehall arena Sleepy Wonder was known as the "Hired Gun" who would engaged in inter-cities rivals with clean musical beef against other artists. That is how he was discovered long before radio started playing dancehall artists. Sleepy Wonder recorded his first album "VIBES" for Bull Wackies Records. "Vibes" was released in Japan in 1988. Later that year, Sleepy was given an award for DJ Of The Year which he won for three consecitive years in New York City. Sleepy recorded a string of hits singles including "DJ Business", "Pounder", "My Sound" feat. Bobo General & Nando Boom. "My Sound" was one of the first pre-Reggaeton/Dancehall tracks that took spanish speaking countries by strom. In 1995 Sleepy Wonder was signed to Columbia Records (Sony Music) but was quickly bought out of his contract by Steve Rosen & Chuck Chillout of Phat Wax Records, the hip hop arm of the gaint dance label, Strictly Rhythm. Sleepy Wonder recorded the chart topping single "Rookie" aimed at noviced artists who has no respect for veteteran artists who paved the way. Sleepy was featured on Shinehead's "Trodding Album" on Elektra Records; Calypso King, The Mighty Arrow's "Soca Pepper Seed" and Born Jamerican's "Gotta Get Mines" with Shinehead and Madlion on Delicious Vinyl Records. Sleepy Wonder is also an accomplished song writer. Among hit songs he has written is Shelly Thunder's "Break Up" that was released on Island Records. Sleepy Wonder also penned a hit track for Switzerland's Reggae/Hip Hop artist Papa Dee. Sleepy Wonder is currently signed to ESL Music (owned by Eric & Rob of Thievery Corporation) who wasted no time in recording Sleepy on the "RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON" project. Sleepy Woder laced the following tracks: "State Of The Union" and "Truths & Rights." On "BABYLON REWOUND" he peppered the "Warning Shots" track for the COSMIC GAME project. "Warning Shots" is a major hit in the States and Europe with the single topping charts and the video airing on MTV2 and MTV Europe. Sleepy toured with his label mates and bosses all over the world promoting the project. "Warning Shots" is also featured on Tiger Wood's 2006 Golf Video Game on EA Madden Sports. Sleepy Wonder started No Choice Music Group Company which houses No Choice Records & Studio. Sleepy Wonder continues to produce and release projects through special distribution deals with VP Records, USA and Victor Entertainment/24x7 Records, Japan. Sleepy Wonder's "One Night Of Pleasure" album was released 1999 was rated the number one cross over album in Japan. No Choice Music Group/24x7 Records. Shinehead's "Praises Album" was realeased in 2000 on No Choice Music Group/VP Records with hit singles "Olivia" and "Collie Weed" produced by Sleepy Wonder & Shinehead. Sleepy Wonder's high energy live performances are wired excitement going back to his early dancehall days. The same lively performances continue with Thievery Corporation playing venues like The Hollywood Bowl and Lalapalooza events sharing the stage with The Flaming Lips, Perry Parell, Gnarls Barkley, Kanye West, The Roots, Common and other A-list acts in Chicago August 5, 2006. people. No Choice Music Group is releasing a Reggae/Gospel Album with Sleepy Wonder's older sister Jennifer Ford (Sister J). This project is already instores and moving numbers for the company. Sleepy Wonder is getting ready to release a compilation album entitled the "SEASONEND POT PROJECT." This project features, Sleepy Wonder, Bobo General, Ras Attitude, Brandi Edwards, Binghy Hytz, Sister J, Empress Michel and Prince Pankhi. The "Season Pot Project" was picked up by Super Power Records In New York City for a 2008, release . In The meantime, indie label D.I.A Records (HR of Bad Brains management/record label) has selected Sl

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