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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Example is a rapper from Fulham, West London in the United Kingdom. Formerly signed to The Beats label run by Mike Skinner (The Streets) 2) Example is also an underground hiphop duo from Houston, Texas. 1. Example's birth name is Elliot Gleave. According to the Kickstarts Songfacts, Gleave's performing name goes back to his schooldays when he was rapping in the playground and some guy nicknamed him Example from his initials EG. -His first album, a mix-tape called "We Didn't Invent The Remix" Feb 2007 feature's samples from a diverse mixture of artists including Lily Allen, The Rolling Stones, José González & also -Britney Spears on the Infamous Toxic Breath. -He followed that in Sept 2007 with his official debut album, (released on The Beats) called "What We Made" produced by Rusher. which was received well by the British public. -prior to The Beats disbanding. -He then went on to release "What We Almost Made" May 2008 on All The Chats, which was a mixture of songs that didn't make it onto "What We Made" & new ones. -After the release of "WWAM" Example took a fresh direction in style, and became very versatile and can cross over into several genres with ease. -Towards the end of 2008, saw Example work with the likes of Don Diablo experimenting with Electro dance music. -2009 was an exciting year for Example, releasing the absolutely free mix tape "The Credit Munch (and Redux package) in February, supporting Calvin Harris on his UK and headlining his own Wonky Pop tour with Flamboyant Bella -Which brings us nicely to "Hooligans" Example co single with Don Diablo, which blurs dancefloors with moshpits into one. released on 29/06/2009 is sure to be his biggest hit to date, getting regular plays on Radio 1, and by DJ's up & down the country. -The Launch Party for "Hooligans" saw Zane Lowe who has championed Example on his Radio 1 show, support with a DJ set. -His next Single after Hooligans, was called "Watch The Sun Come Up" which is came out in September and made its way into the Top 20. -His next single was called "Won't Go Quietly", which was released on 17th January 2010. Example's Latest offering takes the form of his "Playing in the Shadows" album, released 4 September 2011 through Ministry of Sound. No colabs are featured on this album however a variety of producers have a noticeable influence on the sound and the album follows his previous move into the dance and electro genre. Singles from the album include: -Changed the Way You Kiss Me -Stay Awake -Midnight Run (scheduled to be released on 4th December 2011) 2. Example consists of rapper: Kay and producer Cipher. They are signed to Beat Farm, where they released the Impulse EP back in 1997. They also released two singles on Vinyl in 2000 titled 'We Write The Songs / That Is...' & 'The Price You Gotta' Pay... (Pt. 2) / Them From "Id Est"'. Unfortunately no debut album came out of the duo. "Ok, here's the short version. Kay & I became roommates March 1996 & started a group called Example (I.E.). That summer, Example & the K-Otix had a meeting about putting our music out independently. The plan was to put out a double-sided EP, one side Example & the other K-Otix. Well, things didn't go as planned, so both groups decided to do 2 seperate EPs & release them around the same time. Done deal. Kay became writing the very first song on July 26, 1996. We both produced 3 songs each on the EP. January 1997, we released our 6 song EP titled, "Impulses". We only pressed 500 copies." - Cipher

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