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Will Heard

You are invited to step into the world of Will Heard, SW London's best kept secret...until now! At just 20 years of age, Will is a young & exciting new talent setting out to take the industry by storm. A charming story teller with an undeniably beautiful voice, mature beyond his years. This singer / song writer brings you a unique blend of Blues, Folk & Soul, adding an element of Funk. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin, Amy Winehouse, Parliament Funkadelics & Lauryn Hill to name but a few... "Music has always been a huge influence on me throughout my childhood. I knew from the age of about 9 that I wanted to be an artist. My family would always play music around the house & I remember just singing along to anything & everything I heard." Though not just a singer but an avid musician, Will through his love for music taught himself to play the guitar, sax, piano, bass, as well as percussion. "My first instrument is the Saxophone, although I'm a little rusty now. I was 10 when I first started learning the sax, I heard the Herbie Hancock classic 'Watermelon Man' & instantly took to the horn section. Although I recognised the instrument I didn't know what it was called...well, until one day I was watching 'The Simpsons' & Lisa Simpson played it on her Sax. Straight away I recognised the sound as being the same sound I heard on the Herbie Hancock track! Having then learnt the name of the instrument I begged my mum to buy me one but she couldn't afford to. I never gave up asking, she eventually agreed to rent one for me. It was almost the same size as me, I had to rest it on a cushion just to be able to hold it & I would just blow down the mouthpiece constantly until one day I actually got it to make a sound, eventually I got better & started learning to play songs by ear. I later started taking lessons" Having recently returned to the UK from his travels across the pond (Cuba, Argentina and Brazil) Will is currently in the lab working hard, writing & recording material to share with the world. "Im just getting my feet on the ground here in London town but working on producing songs / music I really believe in but I'm mostly looking forward to getting out there & sharing my stories / experiences with you all. Peace and love Will Heard"

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