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Kidd Kidd

"The Reallionaire" Rappers today often attribute some of their success tothe Streets. In the case of New Orleans rapper Kidd Kidd, it is the streetsthat get the full credit.Formerly known as Nutt Da Kidd, Kidd Kidd rose upthrough the ranks as one quarter of Sqad Up, along with his brethren Gudda, Supe and Young Yo. The group was consistent on the ever-evolving mixtape scene, saturating the streets with their projects and forging a name for themselves. Their lyrical ability had encouraged a more than positiveresponse both collectively and individually, so it was inevitable that a label deal would be the next step for the foursome.It was close friend and affiliate Lil Wayne who encouraged Sqad Up to continue their progression under the Cash Money umbrella, an instrumental and influential force on theHip-Hop scene in New Orleans. The quartet felt that all the work they hadput in on the streets with their constant slew of mixtapes was about toyield a profitable return with them being exposed to a wider market.Unfortunately things didn't go as anticipated and their affiliationwith Cash Money and Lil Wayne disintegrated. But not to be deterredby negative experiences, the group and particularly Kidd Kidd used this asmotivation and built upon it as a foundation. Having grown up on Mazant Street in the city¹s Ninth Ward, Kidd Kidd has been inspired by the strength of his brothers and sisters. It was the tragedy of September 2005 whenHurricane Katrina sucked the life out of his city that forced the burgeoningwordsmith to re-evaluate his life and his position in the music industry. Each member of Sqad Up was relocated to different cities along with their family due to the aftermath of Katrina. It was about survival now for Kidd Kidd and his family. The neglect and disruption faced by the residents of New Orleans during this time was enough to ignite passion and an unrivalled strength within Kidd. These feelings would eventually break the surface of his music upon returning home to New Orleans.With the weight of his city on his back, Kidd Kidd immersed himself right back into music. Determined to leave the past in the past he set about recording copious amounts of music. Mixtapes such as The Legacy and Rida Muzik Vol 1 brought attention to Kidd Kidd and he was back performing allover the south.His ability to have the streets on side was never in jeopardy. And even though Sqad Up may have not inked with Cash Money, and the relationship with Lil Wayne may have not been as strong as it once was, Lil Wayne eventually re-connected with Kidd Kidd. The two teamed up once again on the platinum selling single from Tha Carter III album, Mrs. Officer. This earned Kidd Kidd two ASCAP awards and the duo crafted more songs that garnered serious attention from both the streets and the DJs. To some it was expected that Kidd Kidd would eventually become one of the prominent players in the Young Money squad. The media were paying close attention but the Ninth Ward native knew that he couldn't wait for someone else to make his presence felt, he had to stride forward alone. So intent on keeping his promises to his city and himself, Kidd Kidd developed his own movement that would once again re-engage fans with reality Hip-Hop, a sound that he felt had long been forgotten having been replaced with an abundance of understated words and generic sounding production. It was time to introduce the world to his Reallionaire Movement, which developed solid relationships with major players within the Hip-Hop world. Alliances with Sha Money XL, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Scream encouraged Kidd Kidd to reach audiences further a field than just the USA. Mixtapes such as New Kidd on the Block and Welcome to K-Ville a.k.a Chopper Town and videos to accompany songs such as Platinum, From Here and Fear allowed the viral buzz to gain momentum once again.Kidd Kidd was not going to allow anyone or anything interrupt him this time.Recognizing that the ball was in his court, he stepped up and found a home for his fledgling label with Sha Money XL and his Dream Big Ventures imprint in late 2009. With an encouraging team behind him, an unprecedented drive and his five year plan firmly laid out Kidd Kidd once again stormed the streets and internet with his 50 Cent "Better Walk" collaboration in late 2010. Priding himself on lyrics with meaning backed with solid production, his efforts are recognized and all eyes are on him. Follow @ItsKiddKidd on twitter!

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