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Green Grey

Famous ukrainian rock band who sing on russian language Murik - singer & songwriter Diezel - guitarist & songwriter Today "Green Gray" is probably the most obstinate and the most popular of the Russian speaking groups in Ukraine. But if obstinacy is a feature of character, the popularity is the consequence of a hard work. Which consists in constant passing ahead of yourself. At least half-step ahead, but still - passing ahead. "Green Gray" is constantly looking for – and finds – new ways and possibilities for high-quality changes in their own creative activities. That’s why each of their new albums contains some kind of experiment as regards previous sounding of the group. All that is accentuated by the fact that some time ago "Green Gray" became, it is possible to say, pioneers – because they were among the first groups that started to perform the so-called “hard pop”. It is more pleasant that even today the group works fruitfully and generates new ideas. Discography: 1997 - Грин Грей 2000 - 550 MF 2002 - Эмигрант 2005 - Метаморфоза 2007 - MRK "Звезда с небес" (Murik's solo album) 2008 - Trideo (multi single)

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