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Joel Laureano simply known as "JOEL" - was born in Miami Beach, Florida. Joel is a former member of the Puerto Rican teen group Explosion. Blessed with charisma, charm and multicultural appeal this performer is refreshingly humble about his success and grateful that hard work, talent and fortune have taken him so far. Joel attended school in Miami during his early years, and feels very comfortable in both English and Spanish. So when he states that his favorite songs are romantic ballads, he is talking about equal preference for singing in either of the two languages. Joel is a total performer and he is one with his music captivating his audience with a persuasiveness developed from years of training, that can be heard on his hit song Joel became a boni fide superstar in Latin America. When he sang a romantic ballads, the walls seemed to be coming down as thousands of screaming girls gave standing ovations. Joel first revealed a love for the performing arts through school plays and church choir. By age six he had begun to appear in television commercials, becoming comfortable with the camera and maturing in his craft through acting and singing lessons. Though divorced, his parents were always supportive of his ambitions. The record release "I’ll Hold On" also recorded in Spanish "Mantendre Este Amor" charted #1 in South America. The song was produced, written and mixed by the incredible music producer Mickey Garcia who wrote and produced chart toppers for freestyle acts like "Cynthia" and "Johnny O". Joel a believer in destiny, he vests equal faith in hard work and a positive attitude. "Everything I’ve accomplished is because I’ve been ready for it," say's Joel. Latin chart topper and music producer Papo Gely (who produced most of the Spanish hits for Menudo) produced and wrote Joel's first Spanish CD with hits like "Cuentame Amor" and the up-tempo rock tune "Muneca Escandalosa". Although his music and concerts also kept him busy, Joel always found time to helping drug-addicted and abused children, he is as passionate about helping others as he is about his work. Joel was always around to help others and at the same time brought a bit of himself and his music to his fans. See, http://www.mcgillismusic.com/Joel.htm

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