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There is one artist and 2 bands with the name Bobo. 1) BoBo is a Croatian music performer born in 1978. in Sinj, Croatia. His full name is Bobo Knežević. BoBo lives and works in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia as a gym trainer. His music is well known as funny and melodic. Untill now BoBo produced one studio album in 2007 named "BoBotomija". Some of the most famous songs from that album are "Co to maš", "Muha", "Dominik" and many others. BoBo's web site: http://www.boboknezevic.net/ 2) A mainland Chinese male pop duo composed of two members, Jing Boran(Chinese: 井柏然)) and Fu Xinbo (Chinese: 付辛博)). The two became famous after competing in the 2007 My Hero (simplified Chinese: 07加油!好男儿; traditional Chinese: 07加油!好男兒)) competition, with Jing Boran winning first and Fu Xinbo third. In 2008, the two has released their own ep, Glory (simplified Chinese: 光荣; traditional Chinese: 光榮)), and then album, The Big World (Chinese: 世界之大)). Since their debut, they have won multiple new artists awards. In 2008, they performed during the pre-ceremony performance of the 2008 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony. Because both members have a (Bo) sound to their name, with Jing Boran's Bo (simplified Chinese: 柏) and Fu Xinbo's Bo (simplified Chinese: 博), the two Bo's combined to form the name BoBo. 3) An Irish acoustic three-piece band based in Galway. Fixed members are Liam Doherty (Vocals), Martin Tierney (Guitar) and Brian Killeen (Vocals/Guitar) although the lineup has included Cello, Keyboard and drums at various occasions. Initially formed by school friends, Liam and Martin, Brian was drafted in following creative differences with their original guitarist. They have gigged across Ireland and have toured in Auxerre, France. Playing a delightful blend of anti-folk and indie, their influences range from The Frames to Imogen Heap to Iron & Wine and The Shins. They independently released their debut album, Sound, Not Loud in 2007. Website: http://Bobogalway.net and http://www.myspace.com/bobogalway 4) A soca/calypso artist from Barbados.

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