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Максим Фадеев

Maksim "Max” Fadeev (Russian: Максим Александрович "Макс" Фадеев) was born on May 6, 1968 in Kurgan, Russia. At the age of 5 he went to music school in Kurgan. Already at 15 he joined Kurgan Institute of Music on two faculties simultaneously: conductor-choir and piano. At 17 he was seriously injured; this was the same time when he wrote his first song, “Dance on broken glass” («Танцуй на разбитом стекле») which was followed by myriads of others. Right then Max thought of artist's career for the first time. Occasional participation in various low-end bands ended in 1993 when he was introduced to a future rising star of Russian pop-scene, Linda. He was producing her in 1993-1999, the years that made them both extremely popular and well-known on Russian pop scene: listeners and music specialists were amazed by an unprecedented at that time quality and professionalism of project’s music. Other than Linda, Max Fadeev is known for such musical projects as: Glukoza, Монокини (“Monokini”), Тотал (“Total”), Серебро (“Serebro"), as well as stand-alone singers: Юлия Савичева, Irakli, Пьер Нарцисс (“P’er Narciss”), Елена Терлеева (“Elena Terleeva”). Max writes soundtracks as well (Triumph is his best-known original soundtrack recording). Apart from producing other artists Max has made three studio albums, “Dance on Broken Glass” («Танцуй на разбитом стекле»), 1991; ”Nega” («Нега»), 1997; and "Scissors” («Ножницы») 1997.

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