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Daddy Rings

Daddy Rings convinced thousands of visitors at the Journey To Jah Tour 2003 to which he was invited by Gentleman. Daddy Rings was high acclaimed at innumerable festivals and live shows during the last years. He was on stage with Gentleman and The Far East playing some of his compositions to the German audience. But who actually is this gangling, super creative and original Jamaican, whose unique voice and enormous charisma increasingly enriches the European scene? In 1971 Everold Dwyer, aka Daddy Rings, was born in Manchester, Jamaica. By the age of 18 he moved to Kingston where he finished school by the age of 19. Shortly after that he got discoverd by King Jammy. Daddy Rings didn`t find it hard go into the music business, because he was already confident with the mikrophone during his time at uncle`s Shanti Sound System. Before he had the break-through on the continent he had success in Jamaica and Great Britain: In 1997 he got even two No. 1 Reggae Hits with Herb Fi Bun in a combination with Cocoa Tea and the song Rumours in a Freddie McGregor feature. No wonder that in the same year his debut album Stand Out was released worldwide by Gone Clear, in Great Britain by Greensleeves and in Germany by Ambassa Music/SPV. Stand Out was the result of a cooperation with producer Gussie Clarke. Clarke brought Rings`talent as a songwriter and performer so much to bear, that Dr. Marshall the well-known sound engineer of the Music Works Studios just said: "Creativity - he´s full of it. Right team, right vibes. Can`t miss!" Years before Daddy Rings already gained a name as a Sing-J. In Jamaica. For the producer legend King Jammy he sung 15 songs as well as several tracks for Andy Livingston. During the last two years Daddy Rings received attention acting together with Germany´s hip hop artist like Die Firma, Afrob, Sekou and Germany´s Reggae Singer Gentleman. Very soon his qualities as songwriter has been recognized. He wrote six songs for Gentleman´s Journey to Jah album. Of course such a great and versatile talent couldn`t be desregardet for a long time. That`s why you can hear him on various different projects like: PowPow Celebrate Riddim and the actual Shanty Town Riddim. Based on his different activities his next project should shurely be his fiercely expected new album, where you can have a foretaste on the recently released African Glory EP. At the moment the limeted EP is only available on the webpage www.daddyrings.com. Also Daddy Rings is at present working his own productions for his lable African Glory Records.

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