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Lord Have Mercy

Wayne Notise (born March 10, 1973), better known by his performing name Lord Have Mercy, is an American rapper and producer from Brooklyn, New York City. He is perhaps best known for his association and performance with Busta Rhymes' hip-hop clique, Flipmode Squad. Early life and beginnings: Lord was born from immigrant Jamaican parents and spend his early years homing his rap skills listening to such artists as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS-ONE & Chuck D. Lord dropped out of college after his first year where his opportunity to play basketball out of state didn't work out. It was from this moment he decided to pursue his music career. Lord started working with a producer by the name of BackSpin who he met & worked with before he went away to college and then turned to the open mic circuit across New York. One of the places where Lord began was at the now famed and legendary Lyricist Lounge under the name of Rugged Raw M.O.R.E (an acronym which stood for Morbid. Origins Robotic. Enigmas) Lord shortly released two demos "Ice Cream" and "the final scene" which sampled the Brady Bunch theme. Association with Flipmode: Lord knew of Busta Rhymes from his local elementary school and first met Busta after being introduced to him by Backspin. Busta then signed him to the Flipmode Squad and was in the original line-up of the Flipmode squad along with Rampage The Last Boy Scout. He initially turned heads with his verse on the collaborative track between Flipmode members and Redman's clique known as the Def Squad called "Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad" from The Coming album. This was because his style and strong voice were a sharp contrast to the other performers. He has appeared on numerous tracks within Flipmode, including the group's album entitled The Imperial. He continued to appear on Flipmode collective and solo efforts. Thee Ungodly Hour: A solo deal was offered to Lord from Elektra Records under the FLIPMODE imprint and Lord started working on his debut album Thee Ungodly Hour. Lord also at this time was introduced to D.J Scratch who became a mentor to Lord and executive producer for Thee Ungodly Hour. Lord recorded several tracks including "Say What Say What" "Paint Your Face" and "Wicked Ways". "Home Sweet Home" was also recorded featuring M.O.P., but Thee Ungodly Hour was scrapped when Lord left Flipmode. M.O.P. added the song to their album Warriorz. Further tracks from the anticipated, scrapped album became available online years later. Post Flipmode: After Lord left Flipmode due to personality conflicts with Busta Rhymes, he recorded a three song single called The Come On Down EP through Fat Beats under his own record label "Sword and Shield Records" and with longtime associate Ice P. The single included songs "Charge", "We Will", and "Come On Down". The "We Will" track was also featured on the compilation CD Lyricist Lounge Presents Underground Airplay. Lord then released the mixtape The Runaway Slave. The mixtape took two years to complete and contained all new material. One of the songs from the mixtape, "Until the Wheelz Fall Off", has sold over 75,000 copies to date and is available on iTunes. He has also released a mixtape entitled Thee Legend Began which features a collection of his verses and unreleased tracks from Thee Ungodly Hour on his website.

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