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Julieta Venegas

Julieta Venegas Percevault (born November 24, 1970 in Los Angeles County, California), known professionally as Julieta Venegas, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, who sings pop-rock in Spanish. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish fluently. She has a twin sister, Yvonne, who is a photographer. Venegas grew up in Tijuana and began studying music at the age of eight. She went on to join several bands including Mexican ska band Tijuana No!. She plays several instruments including acoustic guitar, accordion, and keyboard. She has won five Latin Grammys and one Grammy Award among other awards. She has composed music for theater and performed in soundtracks for two movies. In 1997, she released her debut album Aquí to favorable reviews in Mexico by the rock audience. In later years she positioned herself as one of the most prominent songwriters in Latin pop by achieving fame in 2003 in Latin America and Spain with the album Sí and singles "Andar Conmigo" and "Algo Está Cambiando" which were positioned at the top of Latin Billboard. In 2006, she released her most successful album Limón y Sal which is her best-selling album to date. Limón y Sal achieved Platinum status in several countries, including the worldwide hit "Me Voy." "Me voy" was certified Gold in Mexico. Her last album Otra Cosa appears in the bucks tops European countries and America. Venegas was designated a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Mexico. Early life edit: Julieta began playing instruments at the age of 10 when her parents first sent her to piano lessons. In the years that followed, music grew to be her passion. At the beginning of her career, she collaborated with a few bands in Tijuana, and then later in Mexico D.F. Her first solo album, Aquí, was released in 1998 with the collaboration of Gustavo Santaolalla. She recorded, toured and played live. In 2000, she recorded her second album, Bueninvento, where she experimented with the electric guitar, and collaborated with producers and musicians including Gustavo Santaolalla, Meme de Real, Quique Rangel, Toy Hernandez and Joe Chiccarelli. In 2003, she released her third album, Sí, which was recorded and produced in Buenos Aires and Madrid with guest musicians Cachorro Lopez and Coti Sorokin. In 2006, her fourth album, Limón y Sal, debuted with the help of producer Cachorro López. In 2007, she collaborated with Miranda! to record the song "Perfecta," which became a chart-topping single in 2008 in Latin America. Also that year, she was featured in MTV Unplugged which led to a DVD and CD. The single "El Presente" was drawn from that production. The album Otra Cosa was released in March 2010. Career edit: 1997-2000: Aquí edit: With the support of BMG, Julieta recorded her first solo album with producer Gustavo Santaolalla. Published in 1997, "Aquí" contained twelve tracks composed by Julieta and was distributed in Mexico, Spain, and several Latin American countries. The material showed Julieta to be an extremely inventive artist in Mexican popular music. The first single from the album "De Mis Pasos" was dramatically accepted by a young audience and quickly positioned as one of the best songs female rock of that time. The second single, "Como Sé," won the MTV award for "Mejor Interpretación Femenina." Following the international release of the album, Julieta received a large number of invitations to collaborate with different musicians and performers in Latin America, including Sasha Sokol, Enanitos Verdes, Sr. Gonzalez, Los Tres, Liquits, Cartel de Santa, León, and Enrique Bunbury. In 1998, she participated in the tour "De Diva Voz" with Ely Guerra and Aurora y La Academia, appearing at different locations in Mexico and the United States. Soon after, the tour was in "Calaveritas y Diablitos" next to Aterciopelados and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in Spain. The same year she participated in the album Volcán: Tributo a José José, a tribute to the legendary Mexican singer José José. Julieta recorded the song "El Triste". Her participation in international festivals increased the following year. The Festival presented Juliet "Midem Americas (Miami)," Generation Ñ "(in Spain)," Rock Al Parque de Bogotá (Colombia) and Festival "El Hatillo" (in Venezuela). In 1999, she appeared in the Mexican version of the video "Infinito" by Bunbury. In 2000, Nacho Mastretta invited her to participate in her album "Luna de Miel", which consists of twelve songs performed by twelve female vocalists from different countries. Soon after that, Venegas contributed three songs to the soundtrack ofEn El País de No Pasa Nada. Soon after, Julieta Venegas wrote and recorded for the film "Amores Perros" and the song "Amores Perros Me Van A Matar." The song was produced by Emmanuel del Real and Quique Rangel (Café Tacuba), who would also collaborate with Venegas on her next album, Bueninvento. 2000-2002: Bueninvento edit: Bueninvento, also produced by Gustavo Santaolalla and Joe Chiccarelli, was launched in September 2000. It was recorded in Los Angeles (California), Monterrey and Mexico City. Thirteen of the fourteen songs are authored by Julieta Venegas including a tribute to Juan Gabriel - "Siempre En Mi Mente." In the same year, she participated in the "Arezzo Wave Love" in Italy, where she sang a version of the song "Amores Perros ..." in Italian and the tour "Evolucion 2000" with Jaguares, Jumbo and Gusana Ciega. It is also involved in the Hannover Fair as part of Music Bridges Around the World, which links to composers from around the world. Join the Cubadisco Festival in Havana, Cuba and the tour 'Femina Rock' with Maria Gabriela Epumer and other female figures of the rock. In 2002, the singer Victor Manuel calls offering to participate in a tribute to Joaquín Sabina along with other women. Sing "Corre Dijó La Tortuga." Participa several soundtracks: In the movie "Maria Full of Grace" with the theme "Lo Que Venga Después." In the movie "Demasiado Amor" a cover of Lupita D'alessio "Acariciame" with two versions, one in collaboration with Mastretta, one with Joan Valent. Also works with Mastretta for the main theme of the Spanish film"El Sueño del Caiman". Sing "Niños" a duet with Spanish Pedro Guerra Ofrenda disk and received by the same in the Persian Gulf where they sing a duet on the song "Cómo Sé" against the European media. She sings in the Soda Stereo album tribute to the song "Disco Eterno" which is nominated for a Grammy for "Best Rock Song: Hoy No Quiero" and "Best Alternative Rock Disco: Bueninvento" takes a brief break in his career and is dedicated to singing themes José José ("El Triste"), José Alfredo Jimenez ("Serenata Sin Luna") and Los Tigres del Norte ("La Jaula de Oro") and does duets with Celso Piña and ska "Los de Abajo" while preparing the songs for his upcoming album "Sí". 2003-2005: Sí edit: In late 2003, released the album "Sí", which collaborates Coti and "Cachorro Lopez", recorded in Argentina and Spain. So far it has been her biggest commercial success, allowing her to reach a wider market. It has sold over a million copies, making the songs on "Andar Conmigo", "Lento" and "Algo Está Cambiando" pop standards in Latin music. She was invited to do, along with Pau Dones from Jarabe de Palo, a song for the soundtrack of the movie "Asesino En Serie: El Listón de Tu Pelo" a Tributo to Los Angeles Azules. 2004 year was the most productive year professionally and spiritually for Julieta Venegas - MTVla awarded her three awards for: "Artist of the Year", "Solo of the Year" and "Best Artist North." She was also awarded her first Latin Grammy in the category "Best Rock Album." She won 3 Awards for "Oye!" Mexico City in the categories "Artist of the Year", "Song of the Year: Andar Conmigo" and "Record of the Year: Sí." "Sí" gave sufficient security to show their femininity and risk play in the risk and ways of pop criticism. In 2004 she collaborated on the album "Neruda En El Corazón" with artists like Joan Manuel Serrat, Pablo Milanés and Ana Belén. It is responsible for putting music to the poem "A Callarse" and participates in the "Diego Torres: MTV Unplugged" on the song "Sueños". Participate in the concert "El Sueño Existe" in homage to Salvador Allende in the Stadium Nacional de Chile, with Chilean and international artists as Gilberto Gil, The Prisoners, Leon Gieco and Silvio Rodríguez, among others. She began her first international tour in Mexico and celebrated it with a memorable concert at the Teatro Metropolitan, which is reflected in the album "Sí Special Edition" and is the first Latin artist to release a "Limited Edition DualDisc." Julieta Venegas is placed between Latin artists with more international exposure, and is therefore requested to sing with various artists such as Lenine, El Cartel de Santa and Paulina Rubio. "Sí" is received with open arms in Viña del Mar, where it receives the recognition Mar de Plata and she was invited to record in Los Shajatos, singing in English, "you've got hide your love away" and "Blackbird" by The Beatles Julieta also participated in the disc of Vincentico: "Los Rayos " in the theme: "Tonto" and the MTV Unplugged Lenine on the theme: "Miedo" and different musical scores for movies like "Hotel Tivoli" ("El Fuego y El Combustible"), "Sólo Dios Sabe" (" Saudade " ft. Otto and "Lagrimas Negras"). 2006-2007: Limón y Sal edit: Julieta took about a year to produce her next album, which was recorded in Buenos Aires with the production of Cachorro López. At the same time she paid tribute to Andrés Calamaro with the song "Sin Documentos." Also included is title track "Limón y Sal". When the first single "Me Voy," a Ranchera/Pop song, was released in 2006, it quickly rose in popularity, transcending distance and language barriers as it is performed in English, Italian and Spanish. March saw the launch of "Limón y Sal" which was awarded a gold record for more than 50 thousand copies sold within two days of its launch. After a single week it had received a platinum for 100 thousand records in Mexico and more golds for selling 50 thousand copies in both Spain and the United States. A few days later the record received another gold record for more than 50 thousand copies in Italy. In June 2006 in Spain, Venegas took part in the MTV Day festival with Amaral and Keane, among others. Two days later, she took part in the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Los 40 Principales Radio Formula. She sang "Me Voy" and "Nada de Esto Fué Un Error" next to Coti. She has participated in the Spanish series "Yo Soy Bea", as the series was also involved in "SOS Mi Vida" Argentina on TV. In 2007 a compilation album came out entitled "Realmente Lo Mejor". Venegas also collaborated on the Hector Buitrago album "Conector" with the theme "Música Somos" before beginning a world tour encompassing first Italy and other parts of Europe. Upon returning from Europe, she visited almost all of Latin America and the United States on her "Limón y Sal" Tour. With regard to awards, she won her second Latin Grammy for "Best Alternative Album" and also won her first Grammy in a historic tie with Ricardo Arjona's album "Adentro". A total of 4 singles were released: "Me Voy", "Limón y Sal", "Eres para Mí" and "Primer Día" - a song that was supposedly only for Europe, but also caught American ears. 2008-2009: MTV Unplugged edit: The year 2008 was even more productive, since March 6, she recorded her "MTV Unplugged", which was ranked as "Very Successful", besides being the first to be recorded in Mexico. Artists joining Julietta for this live concert included Juan Son, La Mala Rodriguez, Marisa Monte, Natalia Lafourcade, Gustavo Santaolalla and an orchestra of 15 musicians. This MTV Unplugged aired on 5 June 2008 on MTV and the CD was released on 17 June. For this same CD, she was named MTV Artist of the Month. This record blends the ranchera touch with pop ballads that have been very well accepted by the public. In Mexico, the song lasted for 10 weeks at the top of popularity and getting very good reviews. This record shows that Julieta is an accordion of surprises, showing songs like: "Mira la vida", "Algún Día" y "Cómo Sé" that show Julieta as more mature and aware of what she does and always busy reinventing herself every day and giving the public something new to their ears. The album was released on June 10 at the international level, producing strong sales and one month after its release Julieta was awarded a platinum disc for selling more than 100,000 records in Mexico and two gold discs for more than 50,000 records in Colombia and the USA. Julieta started an international tour for the first time, visiting England and Germany, countries which had never heard music like hers. Her record was nominated for MTV Awards, Premios Luna del Auditorio and the Latin Grammy. Her concerts are among the most requested and popular with the public. She recorded a duet with French singer Olivia Ruiz singing "Las Migajas de Mi Corazón." At the MTV Awards LA she sang with the Electro/Norteño Nortec Collective band a unique version of "El Presente". On November 13, 2008 Julieta took home two Latin Grammy awards in the categories of "Best Alternative Album" and "Best Long Form Video". After her successful tour Julieta was invided by Nelly Furtado to participate in the song "Bajo Otra Luz" with La Mala Rodríguez. 2010: Otra Cosa and motherhood edit: "Otra Cosa" was released on Tuesday, March 16, in record stores and on iTunes. The first single was "Bien o Mal" written with Alejandro Sergi vocalist of the band Miranda! and released on March 16, 2010. "Otra Cosa", placed on the first and second positions of the "Top Albums" in the iTunes Latino store with her two Deluxe and Standard edition albums, according to the official website. Julieta Venegas became the first Latin artist to launch an iTunes LP. Four days after the official launch of "Otra Cosa", Julieta Venegas earned a Gold Record in Mexico. The album contains 12 songs filled with acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, various percussion instruments, cavaquinhos, winds, subtle pianos (played by herself), and accordions. Also seen in pictures posted in Twitter, Julieta mentions other instruments used on the album that include: ukulele, bass, Bouzuki, and Tuba. The album was produced by Julieta and Cachorro López (who also produced "Limón Y Sal"). Following the album's release Juieta Venegas toured the United States (sponsored by the brand Jack Daniels) in 16 cities, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego. Julita Venegas participated in the Vive Latino Festival 2010, playing on two occasions, both in the Green Stage. She participated in a reunion with her former band, Tijuana No! and sang a duet with their new band member, Alexis Güereña, singing "Pobre de Ti". A few weeks prior to the release of the album, Julieta Venegas acknowledged being three months pregnant, but has not named the father. Sources state he is a psychologist from Argentina. On April 27, 2010, a visibly pregnant Julieta Venegas played some songs of the album at KCRW, an internet public radio station in Santa Monica College. On August 13, 2010 Julieta gave birth to a baby girl named Simona in Mexico. Julieta, who is divorced, has never revealed the identity of the baby's father. 2013-present: Los Momentos edit: Venegas released her sixth studio, Los Momentos on April 9, 2013. It includes the song "Tuve Para Dar", which was released in November 2012.

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