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Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany Alvord is a teen singer-songwriter from Palmdale, CA. She has become something of a YouTube celebrity since joining the site in April 2008; she currently boasts over 700,000 subscribers, and her videos have over 140 million video views. Tiffany's first album, My Dream, which was fan-funded, was released late December. It includes many of her popular original songs, those being My Sunshine, Little Things, Possibility, Moment in Time, Perfect Chemistry, My Dream, My Notebook, The One That I Adore, Heartbreak, and Crazy Good. The album is currently available on iTunes, PayPal through the Tate Music Group website, as well as a physical CD. She became famous through her covers, which include songs by Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Secondhand Serenade, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Marie Digby, and OneRepublic. http://www.youtube.com/TiffanyAlvord

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