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There are several artists with the same name. 1)A Japanese visual kei/oshare kei band called ALiBi (also tagged as ALiBi). They formed in 2008 and are currently signed to Loop Ash. Members: Vo: カイ (マウス → 四ッ★レストラン → ALiBi) Gt: 迦瑛 (ライラックベリー → ALiBi) Ba: フミヤ (MAG-マグ- → ALiBi) 2) The second is a group name of a collaboration between dutch producers Armin van Buuren and DJ Tiësto, two of the most famous DJ's on the trance scene. Together they produced only one single; Eternity. 3) An Australian Rock band from Brisbane, Queensland. Alibi consists of Mark Folker (Lead Vocals, Guitar), James Cheetham (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Matt Fairhurst (Drums, Percussion) & Arryn Bills (Bass). 4) A German rap-crew from Sollingen. Also raps in Polish language. 5) Alias for the DJ duo Freemasons (also known as The Alibi). They are most known for their hit as Alibi vs. Rockefeller with the song Sexual Healing, a remix of the Marvin Gaye classic. 6) A Swedish rap duo. 7) A little known band from Columbia, MD. Mostly referred to as a "local band" Surprisingly, their album is recognized by lastfm. 8) Another local band, from Palermo Italy, formed in 2004 which broke up early 2008. 9) A professional kiter from norway. Alibi plays in the band "kite+rap=sant" 10) Álibi is a brazilian rap duo from Ceilândia. 11) An Ukranian pop duo.Please use the Алиби for the tag. 12) A Croatian rap duo 13) A French New Wave group, who 1985 released a 12'' on Divine Records.

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