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Sally Herbert

Sally Herbert is a British string arranger, producer, writer, violinist. musical director, composer, programmer and keyboard player. Started off touring with The Communards on the Violin, and went on to form The Banderas with her friend from the Communards, Caroline Buckley. They released one album in the 90's including the single 'This is your life'. She's worked as an orchestral arranger for the past 10 years for some inspirational artists including : Radiohead, Manic street Preachers, Florence + the machine, Travis, Robbie Williams, Zero 7, Kylie and many more. Herbert has carried on writing for adverts, short films, songs and for theatre and dance companies. In the past couple of years Herbert has co-produced and arranged albums with Mike Hedges for The Priests and Camilla Kerslake as well as co-writing albums with Claire Tchaikowska and Richard Northen. She has recently completed an album of string music for Boosey + Hawkes and is currently writing her own album.

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