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Anna Luca

Born into a family of musicians ANNA.LUCA began her musical career very early in the piano. A classically trained pianist but she looked as young for a freer and more immediate form of expression and discovered her voice and songwriting for themselves. "I have my piano always found my friend. One that you love from the heart and that you have to leave me, to find him again. My first piano is still in my study - a very loyal companion so "! During her jazz vocal studies at the Hogeschool before de kunsten in Arnhem (Netherlands) it was from the producers of the internationally successful Nu-Jazz Project Club des Belugas "discovered" the Internet and toured between lectures at the Academy of Music as a singer and songwriter of the 11 -köpfigen Nu-Jazz Formation around the world. Four albums and collaborations with other artists of the renowned Nu-Jazz Labels "ChinChin Records" followed. To date, she has worked closely with the producers of this label. With the experience they at Club des Belugas could collect, as a tool solo album, released in the spring of 2012 came Lists And Wait (Chinchin Records). "The album lists And Wait for me a "time-capsule"! A collection of small, beloved memories, played by my best friends - for me, it could hardly be better! The current work on the second album "radiant thoughts" is a great challenge demands for me - on to pastures new and "back to the roots" at the same time! I ch but try to keep your feet still and still waiting for a moment to see in which direction it can go. The electronics, as a musical starting point of ANNA.LUCA, plays there again a much larger role. Whether minimalist or opulent pop sound collages, ANNA.LUCA experimented on many levels. Whether it is to implement loopartige structures as they occur in the electronic music with the dynamics of a real band, or give fragile compositions by orchestral arrangements depth and space. With great seriousness, but also with playful joy she devotes herself with her ​​band small friendy giant jazz. "The wonderful thing about jazz is freedom! One must cross boundaries and mix other added without having a resents it. Only in this way, I was able to return to my roots. The classical music, but also the Swedish folk music are important elements of my life and may in small friendly giant coexist not only with jazz, but merge with it. In working with small friendly giant I can lose again like a little child perceives to be playing anything else. Anything is possible, it just needs to be true! Only the Righteous touched myself but also my listeners. And must touch music - otherwise it is good for nothing "! In addition to her own projects, she successfully worked for years as a songwriter. She composed and wrote the lyrics for, inter alia, for the Nu-Jazz formations Club Des Belugas, BEBO BEST, BAHAMA SOUL CLUB and techno producers PHILIP BADER, wrote music for movies and advertising and works as a lecturer and studio singer.

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