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Malachi refers to at least six different artists: 1. An atmospheric cello driven doom crust band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose members past/present bands include Artimus Pyle, What Happens Next?, High on Crime, Living Under Lies and quite a few more. (Band's Myspace: www.myspace.com/malachimilwaukee) 2. A 60's Psychedelic rock band. Their "Holy Music" was issued by Verve in 1966 and featured Steve Cunningham (of Red Crayola fame) on Jew's harp. The record is often considered one of the first true psychedelic records of the 1960's/ As the Original Sleeve-notes state: "Malachi's Music Transcends the Traditions of East and West, and Represents the New Synthesis which is Still Being Worked Out in Aesthetics, Philosophy and Religion by Those Participating in the Psychedelic Revolution." 3. A small Folk-Praise band formed in the early '70s in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan. They called themselves Malachi which means, "Messengers of God" because they hoped that their music would be a message of love from God to anyone who listened. Malachi saw some success in the '70s, as they were fairly well known throughout the U.P. for their ministry. They recorded two albums, had the privilege of working with Lutheran Youth Encounter, touring in the Midwest, East Coast and even made their way to Finland. 4. A Hip-Hop artist. 5. Malachi Cush from the UK Reality TV Show - Fame Academy. 6. Vancouver, BC based composer and producer for electro-rock duo Citrus Burn, as well as the guitarist for live shows. Malachi has performed as guitarist and bassist for a number of bands in the Okanagan and Vancouver areas of British Columbia, mostly metal. Malachi formed Citrus Burn in 2007 along with singer Adriana Devai. As of 2012, Malachi has restarted his cyber metal project, on hold due to time constraints from Citrus Burn, under the name Seinen.

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