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The Code

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Code are a electronic band from UK. They described themself, “we don’t really have a specific sound. We are producers/engineers from different backgrounds so we just make music and eventually it all meshes into ‘The Code’’. They released debut album named Blue Electronica in 2016 on Soulsoundmusic record label. Official Site 2) The Code are a ska-punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, they released 2 albums on the independent record label A-F Records, and 1 EP on Jumpstart Records. Official Site 3) The Code are a Jazz Fusion band comprising of various musicians from Canada and the United States, who have released several albums on their own label - Innercode Music Productions. The founding member is the guitarist John Pelosi - whose fusion chops are complemented by his synth guitar work. They are currently recording their next album for release some time in the next year. Official Site 4) The Code are an Alternative Funk Rock outfit hailing from Tring, Hertfordshire. Known for being a father father son son outfit they are a full on, high energy band who get toes tapping and are a very odd sight to behold. Guitarist Shaun McHugh has very nice hair. Guitarist Colin McHugh has a mullet, although he won't ever admit it. Both share a mutral dislike of MIDI guitar setups. Listen online @ IAC Music

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