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There are several artists under the name of Labyrinth 1. Labyrinth is an Italian progressive power metal band created in 1991 in Tuscany, with famous former members (who has left the band since) like Fabio Lione (singer, Rhapsody) or Olaf Thorsen (guitarist, Vision Divine). Formed as Vision, which was later changed to Morbid Vision, and finally Labyrinth in 1994. The band members used to use pseudonyms, many of which were anglicized versions of their own names. Only Olaf Thorsen still uses a stage name. Labyrinth rose to fame in 1998 with the release of their second full length album, 'Return To Heaven Denied', on Metal Blade Records. That album allowed the band to be recognised as a leading force of the European metal scene and many prestigious tours (including a full European run with Hammerfall) and festival appearances (most notably Wacken, Dynamo and Gods Of Metal) followed its release, enforcing the name Labyrinth in the entire world. After album, 'Sons Of Thunder' (2002) and more tours with heavy metal luminaries such as Helloween and Iron Saviour among others, guitar player and mastermind Olaf Thorsen parted ways with the band in 2002 and started working with his new band Vision Divine. The remaining members of Labyrinth kept running on a different path, exploring a heavier musical approach and signing record deals with Century Media ('Labyrinth, 2003) and Scarlet Records ('6 Days To Nowhere', 2006) in the following years. In 2009 labyrinth announced that former guitarist Olaf Thorsen finally rejoined the band and started working with them on the follow up to the much celebrated 'Return To Heaven Denied' album, which is still considered by fans and media alike their best effort to date. 'Return To Heaven Denied Pt.2 - A Midnight Autumn's Dream' was released June 21st, 12 years after their breaking opus magnum on Scarlet Records and and can be described as a comeback to their Power Metal roots. The Current Line-up of the band is: * Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant) - Vocals (1997-1998, 1999-) (also Bass 2006-2010) *Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain) - Guitar (1991-) *Olaf Thorsen (Carlo Andrea Magnani) - Guitar (1991-2002, 2009-) *Andrea de Paoli (Andrew McPauls) - Keyboards (1997-) *Sergio Pagnacco - Bass (2010-) *Alessandro Bissa - Drums (2010-) 2. Australian Artist Labyrinth began producing hip hop music in 2003 and wrote his first raps in 2004. In early 2007 he completed a 17-track album called "The Lost Poet", which is now barely available in its original form. he was there for the birth of Sub Conscious Records late 2007 and he christened his own company "Brainmaze Productions" in 2008. Aside from his solo project, he performs with Ovahand and DJ Kranky in a 3-man crew called Dark Matter. A second solo album called "The Philosopher" was released at the end of 2008 and is still in the process of being distributed - it occasionally finds its way into shops around Sydney . Labyrinth has begun work on the debut Dark Matter album as well as a third solo album... These are both certain to be far better quality recordings than previous Brainmaze releases and should be completed in 2010. 3. Labyrinth is also an alias of Djarvi Moris a.k.a Sandling and Void Settler who makes experimental Industrial Hardcore. 4. The Dutch group Labyrinth was a one-off project, featuring Cesar Zuiderwijk (drummer of rock band Golden Earring), jazz musician Jasper van 't Hof and singer Julya Lo'ko. They released one self-titled album in 1985. 5. Labyrinth is also an Australian beatsmith/MC from the Dark Matter Crew. 6. The sound track for the 1986 movie the Labyrinth sound track also scrobbles as this 7. Labyrinth is a death metal band from Iowa, USA

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