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Мурат Насыров

Murat Nasyrov was a Kazakh-Russian pop singer. He was born in Alma-Aty, Kazakhstan and later moved to Moscow, Russia where has started his musical career. He was the fifth child in a musician's family and didn't plan on becoming a singer. He won his first award in Yalta (Crimea) in 1991. He won the competition but it didn't mean much deal of popularity. He started working in a restaurant as a singer, there he met A-Studio - the famous Russian-Kazakh pop-group. The band helped Murat meet important people and in 1997 he released his first album "Kto-to prostit" (rus. Кто-то простит, "Someone would forgive"). The album included his most popular hits, "Malchik hochet v Tambov" (rus. Мальчик хочет в Тамбов, "The Boy Wants to Go to Tambov") - a Russian cover of "Tic tic tac" by Brazilian band Carrapicho). Altogether Murat released five albums. He might have made more, but fate had other plans: he died on January 19, 2007, after falling from the balcony of his fifth-floor apartment. He was 37 years old and left behind a wife and two children, along with his old kind songs.

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