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SEREBRO is a Russian girl group, created by Maxim Fadeev in 2006. Current line up since November 2017 is Olga Seryabkina, Katya Kischuk and latest member Tatiana Morgunova. All three will depart from the group in February 2019 due to Olga Seryabkinas prioritizing on her solo project MOLLY. Three new girls will be introduced in February 2019 to replace the current line up and reboot a "new" SEREBRO. Castings can be followed through YouTube. Original band leader was Elena Temnikova, who left the band in May, 2014. The group has had five other members through out the years. The only original member still active in the group is Olga Seryabkina, who will leave in February 2019 due to her solo project MOLLY. The first public performance of Serebro - Lena Temnikova, Olga Seryabkina and Marina Lizorkina - was at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki where the girls presented "Song #1", that was awarded with the 3rd place. In 2009 the girls presented the Опиумroz debute album, including songs in Russian and English. After the release Marina Lizorkina was replaced with Nastya Karpova. In 2011 Serebro debuted the song "Mama Lover", that got an international hit in several European countries. In 2012 the girls presented their second album Mama Lover, including 12 songs in English. In 2013 Nastya Karpova decided to leave the band and do the solo project. She was replaced with Daria Shashina. Discography Studio albums 2009 ОпиумRoz 2012 Mama Lover 2016 СИЛА ТРЁХ Singles 2007 Song #1 from «ОпиумRoz» 2007 Дыши from «ОпиумRoz» 2008 Опиум from «ОпиумRoz» 2008 Скажи, не молчи from «ОпиумRoz» 2009 Сладко / Like Mary Warner from «Mama Lover» 2010 Не время / Sexing You from «Mama Lover» 2010 Давай держаться за руки / Angel Kiss from «Mama Lover» 2011 Мама Люба / Mama Lover from «Mama Lover» 2012 Мальчик / Gun from «Mama Lover» 2013 Sexy Ass from «Сила трёх» 2013 Мало тебя from «Сила трёх» 2013 Mi Mi Mi from «Сила трёх» 2013 Угар from «Сила трёх» 2014 Я тебя не отдам from «Сила трёх» 2014 Не надо больнее from «Сила трёх» 2015 Kiss from «Сила трёх» 2015 Перепутала from «Сила трёх» 2015 Отпусти меня from «Сила трёх» 2016 Chocolate from «Сила трёх» 2016 Сломана 2017 Пройдёт 2017 Между нами любовь 2017 Young Yummy Love 2017 В космосе 2017 Новый год 2018 111307 2018 Chico Loco

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