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Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams is the vocalist of the Tennessee rock band Paramore. The band released their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, in 2005. Hayley was born on December 27, 1988. She moved from Meridian, Mississippi, her hometown, to Franklin, Tennessee at the age of 14. Although she had always tried to improve her voice and write small melodies and songs, when she met brothers Josh and Zac Farro, they introduced her to such rock greats as The Cure, U2, Sparta, and Failure. In a recent interview, Hayley said, "It was all so new for me. It really challenged me to use my voice in different ways. It was also good for me as a writer because I realized that lyrics didn't have to be simple pop stuff; they could be harder and deeper." Hayley teamed up with the Farro brothers, neighbor Jason Bynum, and friend Jeremy Davis to form Paramore. In December 2005 Bynum left Paramore, and was replaced by Hunter Lamb. After winning a school talent show and playing at local clubs, Paramore were talent spotted. Hayley has two sisters. Her parents are divorced. Her mother has re-married. She spends a lot of her free time writting love letters to pmorelostsongs. After being adopted by rock label Fueled By Ramen, Paramore began recording almost immediately. In Summer 2005, they released their first album 'All We Know Is Falling' when Hayley was only 17. In an interview, Hayley said, "It was great. We've learned a lot since then. I think we'd probably do a lot of things very differently now. But it was a great experience and I'm grateful we had the opportunity." Many of Hayley's lyrics are from the heart, and she states that she "always tries to write from personal experience. At first what I was writing was kind of metaphorical, but now I've been trying to be more straightforward. It's all about things that have happened to me or to the people that I love." In 2007, Hayley and Paramore released Paramore's sophomore album 'RIOT!' The album allowed Paramore to break into the mainstream after the album's lead single 'Misery Business' cracked the Top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100. In March 2008, Paramore pulled out of a tour citing 'personal reasons' for pulling out. Hayley later claimed that the reason for pulling out was because the band members "wanted to kill each other". However, the band sorted their differences by shooting the video for 'RIOT!''s third international single 'That's What You Get' in their hometown of Franklin where they learned the importance of what they were doing and repaired their differences. In late 2008, Paramore contributed two songs to the soundtrack for hit vampire film 'Twilight'. The song 'Decode' was selected as the lead single from the soundtrack. In 2009, Paramore released their third studio album 'Brand New Eyes'. The band also welcomed Taylor York to the band who had being a touring member with them since 2007. The album was a major success reaching #1 on album charts in Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand. It reached #2 in their native US. Hayley Williams began to work musically outside of Paramore by presenting her solo song 'Teenagers' to the soundtrack for dark comedy film 'Jennifer's Body'. Hayley also worked with rapper B.o.B. singing the chorus on his track 'Airplanes' and harmonizing on it. Hayley exclaimed her delight that Eminem would appear on Part II of 'Airplanes' which she also features on.

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