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Alexandra Hamnede

Music has been a natural ingredient in Alexandra´s life since early childhood. Her father is, and her grandfather was in his youth, a jazz and blues musician, which evidently has had a strong affect on her choice of direction in life. It is still that same simple feeling that is her motive force – music is the most powerful way to communicate with other people. Alexandra´s musical career has been extremely diversified and hectic to say the least. After graduating from Malmoe Academy of Music, where she studied for five years, she´s been working with everything from Swedish jazzlegends to singing behind various artists, both in TV-shows and live. Through her work as a musician she has developed a both social and musical network. She has had the chance to travel all over the world and meet lots of different people. In the past few years Alexandra has worked and performed a lot in Denmark. She is a member of the ambient band Bliss, which has recorded and released two records, and the song “Kissing” has already become a genre classic. With Bliss she has peformed at events such as the Danish Grammy Award and the opening party of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001. Alexandra has also co-worked with Monoband, the Cranberries´ member Noel Hogan´s solo project. On Monoband´s first album, she co-wrote and sang four songs. She is also performing on a regular basis in various bands and collaborations. One project is Physics, a house band in which she is one of the two lead singers. Their album “First Flight”, was nominated “Best House Act” at the Swedish Grammy Award 2004. Apart from her experience as a live-artist, she has also done a considerable amount of studio-work, both as a lead- and backup-singer. On top of that she still finds time to work as a vocal coach/teacher and co-write with other musicians.

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