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Russell Crowe

It has been often witnessed how actors have tried to succeed in both, music- and movie-business, gaining only criticism and laughs from the 'audience'. Russell Crowe has got his share of this, but he has also been respected among songwriters and fans for a long time and his newest album "My hand, My heart" has proved that his musical career should not be considered as a punchline. Crowe's songs have a personal background and he tells his own stories trough them. "According to a message from Crowe on his band's web site, the group has "dissolved/evolved" and his music would take a new direction. He continued with a collabortion with Alan Doyle of the Canadian band, Great Big Sea, in early 2005. A new single, Raewyn, was released on April 19, 2005. Former members of his previous band have taken part in the new project. An album entitled My Hand, My Heart has been released for download on iTunes and includes a tribute song to the late actor, Richard Harris, who became a close friend when the two were making Gladiator." (Cap á la Wikipedia)

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