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Дискотека Авария

Diskoteca Avaria is very popular for its dance tracks with a touch of a comedy. The band's hits are played in urban and regional radio stations while the talented members work hard and invest in the spiritual youth of its audience. Two students, Nikolai Timofeev and Alexey Ryzhov, met each other in the late 80s and discovered the humor talent in each other. Then the boys collected some ideas and invented a number of projects. First, they played rock music. However, they realized that the genre needed a lot of its own musical instruments. Later, the band was responsible for a large number of discotheque parties. After such kinds of performances, the boys began to understand the meaning of a party. In the early 90's in Russia, an English word remix wasn't very common. However, Diskoteka Avariya mixed Все могут короли with an extract of the set from a house section of a club. In 1992, Nikolai Timofeev and Alexei Ryzhov were joined by the bass of Oleg Zhukov. In 1996, Alexei Serov improved the band into a quartet. In 1997, Diskoteka Avariya released its debut album Танцуй со мной. The group formed in IVanovo, Russian Federation had a hard time storming Moscow's show business. Eventually, their hits were later picked by such dance collections as Dvigai Popoi, Soyuz-23, Soyuz-24, and Soyuz-25. In the time of economic crisis in the Russian Federation, the band had to make four remixes for Ляписденс. At the same time, the musicians released Песня про тебя и про меня. This album became well known for the track Дискотека Авария, Некуда деваться and Рэп для моей девченки as well as for remixes Ты кинула and Я тебя не скоро. The band also introduces music videos for Давай, Авария, Новогодняя, Некуда деваться and Ты кинула. In 2001, Маньяки album enters the market. Some serious work is done inside because the album becomes the bestseller of 2001 and receives a Record Award for the album of the year. Soon, Diskoteka Avariya becomes popular to the point of being invited to do the advertisement of the biggest companies in the world. On February 9th, 2002 after a serious disease, Oleg Zhukov leaves the group as well as such values as the happiness, the popularity and the amount of new ideas. Today, the creative work and the victories of the band refer to Oleg just as it does to its fans. A few months later, Diskoteka Avariya releases Х.Х.Х.И.Р.Н.Р. maxi-single, Небо single as well as their music videos. New tracks promoted by their own videos were Суровый реп and Если хочешь остаться. Diskoteka Avariya is worth its awards. In 2002 in Barcelona, the band received an MTV Europe Music Awards award for the best Russian Act. The boys won several awards of Zolotoy Gramafon and several grants for the song of the year. In 2005, Diskoteka Avariya were chosen as the Best group in the voting at MTV Russian Music Awards. The album named Четверо парней was released in spring 2006 was dedicated to Oleg Zhukov. Once again, Diskoteka Avariya proves that its songs are true, thoughtful and unique.

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