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June Summers

This is the story of the "First Day of Summer".....Sitting in his Mazda with 4 other basketball players from Rochester's Community College basketball team, Clarence Lewis Jr aka June, popped in the CD of an R&B song that his older sister challenged him to write for her. After the song finished playing, the look on his boy's faces was pure amazement! One of them responded with "What the hell you here with us playing basketball for if you can do that." It was clear to June that he was on to something big, but before this moment he was just another brother from the hood to most of his peers with nothing exceptionally special about him....until now. JUNE, often referred to as the "R&B Sensation", a name provided by industry executives and industry peers was born and raised in the 19th ward of Rochester, New York. Ironically, possessing a vocal singing gift, June was heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop artists like Nas, Tupac, Jay-Z and Biggie to pursue a rap career. To display his rap talents to the local music scene, he began competing in talent shows at night clubs, rap battles on corners, and was featured on local television programs. Music was a natural thing for June as his father once shared the billboard charts with the likes of Public Enemy, LL Cool J, and others. In 1985, his father declined a recording contract with Polygram Records. Instead, the family focus was in the church, where he extensively watched his older sister sing lead vocals in the choir. Upon graduating from high school, June attended college a few hours away from his hometown. He continued to sharpen his rap skills as his passion to succeed in the industry began to consume virtually every minute of his day. June was later ousted from the college he had briefly attended and returned back to the streets of Rochester. Losing childhood friends to jail and even murder, June became even more vigilant and determined to avoid becoming a statistic. A decision to slightly stray away from rapping and more into a vocalist/songwriter, his new sound resembled the style of Lauren Hill with an R&B and Hip-Hop fusion. Later, June dropped the rap flow and became an R&B vocalist leaving rap to his featured artists. As June's local popularity began to grow, music producer, EBASS (Jay-Z & Beyonce "Bonnie & Clyde 2003") had taken notice. Ebass started delivering some masterpieces for June, but shortly after committed to working with Kanye West and left Rochester. Although, disappointed with Ebass' move to work with Kanye, he was appreciative for the insight Ebass had bestowed upon him in order to prepare him to take on the music industry. As an attempt to expand beyond the city limits of Rochester, June packed up and moved to Virginia to infiltrate the music scene which Missy Elliot, Timberland, and the Neptunes had established. Moving in with a childhood friend, he witnessed the opportunity within the market and found a local studio to record his music. Without the funding to mass duplicate cds, he began selling five cds at a time. A buzz on the street level began to grow nearly as strong as the buzz in Rochester and a team was formed as well as a legitimate music group, Lost Boro Entertainment. The company hired a marketing company to work closely with the new music entity to coordinate a marketing plan to build a solid radio presence. This was accomplished expeditiously as June songs were winning airplay on Clear Channel's "Slam It or Jam It" and other radio programming. He also landed shows sharing the stage with major recording artists such as Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, The Clipse, Busta Rymes, Freeway, Mary J Blige, and many others. June has released reputable mix-tapes hosted by "DJ Kay Slay" and other well known djs and has obtained a major buzz for his singles, "Addicted" and "Let It Go" (featuring Roc-a-fella Records - Young Chris). June has also appeared on songs with 2Pac and Nas. He has recently written songs for Sony Records artists and has since signed a deal with Cinematic Records, scouted by Johnny Shipes. Although, signed to Cinematic, the Lost Boro Entertainment imprint will release other projects to continue the acquired buzz and momentum. June currently has a publishing deal with Razor and Tie Music, which came from collaborations with some of today's biggest Hip-Hop Artists. June has also written on the forthcoming album, "South Central State of Mind" by Epic recording artist Nipsey Hussle and recently shared the stage with Hussle on the LAX tour along with The Game and Jay Rock. He is heading back out on tour with Nipsey Hussle, ironically scheduled - June 09' due to his growing buzz on the West Coast.

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