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Will I Am

William is the name used for two artists (1) A trio British indie band - South East Londons finest! (2) North Carolina based solo project. (1) William are a band from Lewisham, London, UK. The lives of three skater souls became entwined following a chance meeting beside the famous tea clipper-the Cutty Sark sometime in 2004. As the original drummer made a swift exit North, Gavin Housley and Mark Thomas were to be joined by kindred spirit Dan Sheridan and the true incarnation of William was born: Three boys and the truth. Guitars and drums with musical hearts. No over-the-top theatrics, expensive hairdressers or hip hip outfits. Just the usual lads in the bedroom making songs about frustration and relationships and more frustration and more sweat on the guitars and different instruments sometimes. So far William have released two singles - 'Five Minute Wonder' and 'Playground', a debut album - 'Self in Fiction' (2008) and more recently a mini-album - 'Slightly Delighted' (2009) all of which can be found on the Tough Love Records label. More information can be found at the bands official Myspace. (2) WILLIAM is the solo project of North Carolina based musician/artist Will Goodyear. The project has been through many different stages of development including a full band version under a different name (Lobbyist - Will Goodyear, Josh Germeroth, Jared Harber, Matt Damron, Ben Hunsinger) but is now back to the original solo format. WILLIAM's first release (Tints and Shades - Impression Music/Lifeforce Records) was Will's first attempt at branching from his roots in heavy music (Between the Buried and Me, Hopesfall, Prayer for Cleansing) and follows a more traditional pop rock format. The new record (Surface the Vessel - Textbook Music. scheduled for release summer 2006) offers listeners a much matured approach to song writing and a more thought out, personal sound. Will will be performing the new material with a new band beginning this spring.

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