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Q Money

Suave, Talented, Professional Baller, and on “Q’ with every move he makes. Let’s welcome Quincy Scott aka Q Money to Moola Gang. Being Suave , talented and having money or as we call it ballin’, can advance you many places in life but not into Moola Gang. There is only one thing that makes a music artist a Moola Gang music artist and that is talent. When Q Money was asked about his talents he said “ I believe that I am talented in everything that I put my mind to.” Confidence is a major key to success but confidence without proof is hands down just game. Q Money has more than just game. Q Money has been writing and recording music before the start of the 21st century. He has countless mixtapes resulting in his most recent mixtape entitled Intent To Deliver. All of this doesn’t just happen over night; it starts with an inspiration. Q Money has been inspired by the classics like Smokey Robinson and Otis Redding, just to name a few. However, choosing other artists to work with is not easy for Q Money. The major quality for Q Money in choosing an artist to collaborate with is versatility. Therefore Drake is his first round draft pick. On the other hand, in making songs for the ladies, he would work with Trey Songz in order to make a major panty droppin’ collaboration.

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